Eero 5 having touble on Zoom calls

I set up my mothers eeros about 2 years ago and now have a problem. Eeros 5 3pack models J010001. She has a two story house and only her office in the front of the house has had internet trouble, that is why we got eeros after many wifi routers. The office was always kind of a low area in wifi signal. The eeros has worked fine till this. She is doing zoom calls now and she seems to have to shut off all other devices in her office to get zoom to work right. She says if she doenst shut off everything else then people on her zoom call cant hear her and she can freeze. She has Midco internet just upgradded to the gig download speed, but midco has all plans at 20mgs upload. 

Though the speed test on her office pc says 90 download and 50 upload (wireless) though how its higher upload then the provider says they allow is strange. I looked into the phone app for eero and it says that there are 6 other devices on the office eero. Can she temp shut them off with the app for zoom meetings then turn them back on the same way? Would upgrading to Eero 6 help?  I have also thought of putting the modem in the office and seeing how that works direct wired but unsure how eero will spread out of the office.  Just looking for help. thanks.

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  • Hello Dustin Owens ,

    The best setup would be to take the modem into the office and connect her computer up via ethernet. However, she could temp block the other devices through her eero app but that can cause all sorts of other problems with the devices that are connected. I would modem the modem if you can and connect her computer up via ethernet.

  • Dusty's mom, here. I am swapping my Arris Touchstone Model CM8200A modem for a Hitron Coda D3.1 Gateway via Midco. I want to maximize my gig speed/bandwidth. Per the advice above, it wouldn't be practical to move the modem to my office where I conduct Zoom calls, as it would compromise the streaming Roku tv's I have throughout the house (6 locations), and swap one issue for another. The office is on the same floor, a room away from the location where the router/modem is located. I also have a Ring doorbell, Arlo cameras, Alex units using wifi. I'm hoping this new Hitron unit maximizes the wifi better. Any other suggestions?

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