IOT specific network

Would love to see an IoT specific network.

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    • SeedyRom
    • 1 yr ago
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    I believe this is a duplicate feature request to https://community.eero.com/t/x1mj25/802-1q-vlan-trunking .  If so, please be sure to update that one so it gets the proper visibility.

    • ergoncopeland
    • 1 yr ago
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    I read the vlan request and my feed back is, there are many products on the market today, which accomplish pretty much every desire of people out there. The one thing Eero gets right is catering to the folks who don’t understand vlans, tagging etc. I would like to see a product that doesn’t become yet another command line or UI nightmare trying to give everyone every thing. Instead, I want to see Eero come back with a IoT network solution that isn’t threads, so it’s backward capable, and doesn’t use Guest. I’m looking for the smart people in eero engineering to create an elegant solution. Otherwise, I have a laundry list of features that will pretty much turn this product into everything we hate in the end. IPhone vs Android, is the best way to sum this up. Let’s not turn iPhone into android….

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