Protected Management Frames

It would help to be able to toggle between Off, optional and enforced.


Currently my theory is you enforce PMF, great for security but a disaster for older legacy clients.


I have a device that does support 802.11ac, but for some reason it can only operate at 2.4ghz with a eero 6, if you could choose optional, it would work with the eero devices at 802.11ac

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    When WPA3 is enabled, the PMF capable bit will be set, which means that it's optional and not enforced.

    The expected behavior for clients is that they'd simply ignore this bit if they're not capable and connect using WPA2, but there are some legacy clients that might have issues with the bit just being set for some reason. In that case, you may need to disable WPA3 entirely.

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    Protected Management Frames (PMF) is a standard defined by WiFi Alliance to enhance WiFi connection safety. It provides unicast and multicast management actions and frames a secure method with WPA2/WPA3, which can improve packet privacy protection.

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