wifi to unattached metal barn

I have a metal barn located approximately 10 feet from the house.  I have Eros place throughout the house, garage & one in the barn.   I do get reception, however it is inconsistent & operates the majority of time with a weak signal.  Looking for suggestions/guidance on how to improve, steps to take, etc……..any help appreciated

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    • Michael_eero_support
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    Hi Kbailey2613

    The exterior walls of the house and the metal walls of the barn are likely your main difficulties.

    The only way to get around those is either get an eero in each location into line of sight of each other or to run an ethernet cable between the two.

    • Lorenamooreq2
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    To improve the Wi-Fi signal in your metal barn, you can try the following steps:

    1. Relocate the Wi-Fi router: Place the Wi-Fi router in a central location, as close as possible to the barn, to reduce the distance and increase signal strength.

    2. Use a Wi-Fi range extender: If the Wi-Fi signal is weak in the barn, you can use a Wi-Fi range extender to boost the signal.

    3. Install a Wi-Fi mesh network: Wi-Fi mesh networks are designed to provide coverage throughout large areas, and can be an effective solution for a metal barn.

    4. Add an external antenna to the router: Adding an external antenna to the Wi-Fi router can increase the signal strength and reach.

    5. Reduce interference: Ensure that other electronic devices that emit radio frequency (RF) signals are not placed near the router or the barn.

    6. Upgrade the router's firmware: Make sure that the router's firmware is up-to-date, as new updates often improve performance and stability.

    7. Check for physical obstructions: Objects such as walls, doors, windows, and metal objects can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. Ensure that the barn is not obstructed by any such materials. My Macys Insite

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    To extend Wi-Fi coverage to an unattached metal barn, you can use a Wi-Fi extender or a wireless access point. Place the device near the barn and connect it to your existing Wi-Fi network. Make sure to choose a device with a strong signal and sufficient range to reach the barn. You may need to experiment with placement and antenna orientation to optimize signal strength.

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    To provide WiFi coverage to an unattached metal barn, you need to follow these steps:

    Determine the location of the barn in relation to your home or office.
    Choose a suitable WiFi router with enough range to cover the barn.
    Place the router in a central location in your home or office and ensure that it has a clear line of sight to the barn.  ConnectEBT.com Use a WiFi range extender or access point in the barn to increase the WiFi signal strength in that location.
    Connect any devices in the barn to the range extender or access point to access the WiFi network.
    Note: The exact steps and equipment required may vary depending on the distance, size of the barn, and the type of metal in the barn walls. If the barn is far away or has thick metal walls, you may need to use more powerful equipment like a directional antenna, mesh network or a professional-grade wireless solution.

    • ClothDetective
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    I have resolved a similar problem (20' distance) by installing a 2" diameter plexiglass window (think porthole) window in the metal siding, and placed the equipment at the inside of the little window. Line of Sight. This worked out very well.

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