Internet Drops Every Five Minutes For Five Seconds?

I recently notice a problem with my VOIP and WiFi calling going silent for a few seconds and coming back on.  I got my Eero Pros to simply my network setup. 

I did some additional troubleshooting and found that my internet connection (see graphic above pinging - Comcast DNS servers - the same result happens with other sites and domains as well.)) is just about like clockwork disconnecting for about 5 seconds every 5 minutes. 

I have a new (1-2 months) old XB7 from Comcast with gigabit service.  I have had a new line run from the box to the house in the past three months.  The Eero Pro has the latest software and I have tried to reset the modem and the Eerro multiple times and I am still getting this issue. 

I have tried to isolate the issue to a wired issue however it happens on wireless too with two different computers. 

I have two Eeros Pros setup in my home with one being wireless back hauled.  I have the XB7 modem in bridge mode and letting the Eero Pro do all the routing. 

I had the same modem and service before getting my Eero Pros and did not have this issue. 


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  • We've been having a similar problem with our Eero Pros for months, except that the timeout occurs every 5-6 minutes and lasts for 30 seconds to a minute each time. The issue has supposedly been "escalated" within Eero tech support, but that was weeks ago, and they will say only that my issue is "in the queue," with no idea whether or when my issue will be resolved. We also have internet service through Comcast, but it makes no difference which DNS server we go through (e.g., Comcast, OpenDNS, or Google). When we bypass the Eero network and connect directly to the Comcast modem, there are no timeouts, so the problem appears to be with the Eero network.

  • Is your Eero network using DHCP/NAT or is it setup a bridge network/devices?

  • I have the same problem, and would love a solution. During online meetings, I suffer from this drop-out like clockwork. Every 5 minutes... 5 second drop. 

    • Hello bromesburg  ,

      If you connect a computer up directly to your modem can you verify if the same behavior is happening with a ping test? If so, then it will be something going on with your modem/ISP and you will want to reach out to your ISP. If not, please let me know and I'll get you instructions so I can take a look at your network and troubleshoot with you.

  • Hi all,

    I've been having exactly the same problem. I've confirmed by connecting directly to our DSL network that the issue is on the Eero side of things, not with our connection to the internet. Has anyone found any solutions?

    Many thanks,


  • I am having the same problem on my eero network.  I can also confirm that I'm getting these drop-outs when I'm streaming point-to-point from my NAS to a PC, both connected to the eero network.

    I seem also to be occasionally losing packets when I'm on the internet, but I'm not yet ready to blame that on my eero mesh. 

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