Is there an issue with having two many Eero devices in a house ?

I have a 2,600 square foot home and have 2 eero pros and 3 beacons. I am having issues with the gateway dropping the internet which makes all my eeros not work. I was told that a reason for this was I had to many eero In my house and have over saturated the network. I am no network guru but never had had heard this term before and also thought the eero network algorithm would adjust it self to make sure the mesh network works correctly. The modem from the internet provider and service from them is working while this happening .

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  • Yes, that’s way to many eeros for that square footage. I have the same size home and use 2 eeros. I can almost get by with just one.

    The eero mesh network will adjust itself, but there’s only so much it can do. Too many access points (regardless of vendor) will create congestion with the radio frequencies and ends up crippling the WiFi. 

    You should be able to cover your home just fine with the 2 eero Pro units. Unplug your Beacons for a week or two and see if that clears up your issue.

    • cMoo92 

      thank you for the response . Would a congested network cause the gateway eero to just drop its connection though ? Also I had just the 2 pros before and would get dead zones in the house not mater how I tried configuring the two. Was told to add the beacons to help cover those areas.

    • Cubanlink31 I wouldn’t think the network congestion would cause the gateway eero to lose internet connectivity (hence the red light). You should probably reach out to eero support to troubleshoot that issue.

      In regards to how many eeros you need, since 2 didn’t cover everything, then try just adding back in one beacon at a time and give it a couple days to optimize the mesh and see if that works. Every house is going to be different based on building materials and layouts, and placement of the eeros is going to be important too (don’t stuff them in a closet, put the Pro units at table height, don’t put them on or next to metal objects like a filing cabinet, fridge, etc).

    • cMoo92 

      That is what prompted me to ask the question because that was what eero tech support told me that having to many eeros devices  would cause the the gateway to drop its connection . Which I figured was a lie but just wanted to confirm as I thought the answer was also not believable. Based on your other response have removed the beacons to see if it improves devices dropping but in the end very disappointed with eero and especially  customer support . Once again thank you for help with this . 

  • I have been having an issue with the two Eero 6s in our 1400sqft home.  Our Macs would not switch to the closest Eero, still look connected to the wifi but lose internet or really slow down couple times a day, couple of days ago I decided to just unplug the second Eero to see if that would help and never had an issue again... Little confused why that would be the case. 

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