Will Eero Pro add more range for cottage connectivity?

I presently have a wired "Living Room" Eero (3rd Gen) in my living room, where my speedtests are satisfactory (450Mbs) over wifi.   On the other end of the room, next to a window, and in line-of-sight to that wired Eero, there is another 3rd Gen Eero using wifi mesh only ("Window"). I get speedtests around 350mbs from that Eero. 

My 3rd Eero is over in our cottage.  It gets good signal according to the app (usually 4 bars/highest), but the speeds drop significantly at the Cottage Eero. It drops from the 350Mbs measuredat the Window, to 100Mbs measured at the Cottage. 

So the simplified network is basically Living Room Eero -> Window -> Cottage Eero.  

My questions are: 

  1. Does the current Eero Pro have more range than the 3rd Gen Eero?
  2. If so, would replacing the Window eero alone with an Eero Pro boost the signal received by the Cottage Eero?  Or would I have to replace both the Window Eero and Cottage Eero with Pros? 
  3. Or... since the Pros use the 5.8Ghz spectrum to chat and keep speeds high, would I need to replace all three to boost signal over to the cottage? 

Hope that wasn't too complicated! Thanks in advance for any thought :) 

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  • Any thoughts from the community on this? 

    • Luke D There is no such thing as a 3rd gen eero.  The cupcakes are 2nd gen with the same radio capabilities as a beacon.  Pro's have 3 radios.

  • Thanks txgunlover!  I read a few reviews discussing "3rd gen" so I must have picked that.  You are right, I have the cupcakes // 2nd Gen. 


    Any insights on to my range question?  And if replacing one or more of those 2nd Gens could improve performance over my yard to my cottage? See comment above re: speed falloff at distance. Trying to see how to improve this. 

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    Does anyone know if the pros are just faster, or if they actually have increased range?  Per the OP, trying to figure out how to reduce the speed falloff I am getting over in my cottage with the second gen eeros. 


    Then my question is would I need a pro over in the main house and the cottage, or would one eero Pro in the main house improve the situation, with the cottage continuing on the second gen Eero?

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    Does anyone know if the eero pros have more range or are they just faster?

    • Luke D They only have an additional 5ghz radio.

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