eero Plus Mobile/MacBook/Windows VPN Profile

Based on one of your articles recently about public wifi, it would be nice to have an eero Plus mobile/computer configuration like Circle by Disney, Opera, etc. This way when on the go on a network you can't control, you can protect yourself from a few things.

This would be a great value add for eero as well.

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    I agree the ability to VPN back to my home network while on a public wifi network would be awesome. If you could provide a service similar to Cloak (ios app) that sets up an on-demand VPN for iphones that runs all traffic through my home eero as the VPN server it could be another selling point. Additionally, if a eero user is subscribed to eero plus then not only could my traffic on public wifi be routed through my home network it could also be routed through eero plus anywhere I am connected allowing for the benefits of eero plus while away from home. 

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