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I have recently added Eero plus, and set up some basic content filtering for the kids. Unfortunately, one of my kids is taking an online course and for whatever reason, the submit button for posts in their discussion sessions seems to be blocked ( Etudes.com ). My only option now is to remove that device entirely from the content filtering profile. It would be great to add a whitelist feature for situations like this, where I can continue to filter most things, but allow certain content to pass through.

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  • Hi  James Hewitt —

    Thanks for your feature request and for signing up for eero Plus. Outside of this issue, I hope it has been satisfactory thus far.

    I'm more than happy to pass along this request to our team. Also, we are happy to take a look at any site that is having an issue that shouldn't be.

    FWIW — I took a look at the provided link and it doesn't seem to be anything. Is there potentially a different website that I should escalate to our team so they can evaluate what is happening here?

    Thanks again!

  • I have similar issues and have to turn it off every time they have a class. We have several sites like this; one is even just a collaborative writing site. Being able to whitelist the sites that we deem appropriate would be nice. The inconvenience of turning it off and back on almost makes me want to switch to another service.

  • Hi, I was also having a problem where I would try to stream to Twitch while using an internet connection tied to eero plus and it would be blocked by the regular content filters. Despite this, streaming to Facebook, YouTube and Mixer all work perfectly. Is there a way to allow this without turning off content filters completely. Thanks in advance!

  • Only complaint is that my wife can't check the lottery web sites.

  • I need to whitelist www.abbotsfordcovidresponse.com Can this be done? It’s very important not to block local COVID testing sites!

  • Implemented! We have added the ability to allow specific websites as of this morning. Let us know if you have questions.

    • Great thank you.  Now it would be nice to also have a filter option where ALL sites are blocked, so that ONLY whitelisted sites are allowed.  This will help for the student whose attention will wander during school, and we only want to allow school related sites to work. Thanks

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      WhiffleToast We used that approach at the school district I worked. Very effective. For eero in home settings, the approach where "where ALL sites are blocked, so that ONLY whitelisted sites are allowed" would have to be tied to profiles to be truly useful.

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