Block (Blacklist) certain websites

I need to have the ability to block certain websites in the profiles area. It would also be great to have the ability to whitelist certain sites as well. 

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  • I've been checking this thread for years now and it's still not clear whether or not we'll get this feature. Either provide the feature or be honest and tell us why it's never going to happen please. Otherwise thanks for making a product that mostly meets my expectations. Also IF you release the feature take my money if this is subscription based - just make sure it works and can be applied to specific devices on a permanent basis.

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  • It is a very simple feature.  That is why I am confounded as to why they will not add it.  It could be a simple string compare if they wanted to phone it on.  Sheesh. 

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  • This would be really helpful. I am eyeing the eero subscription service. But the main thing I’d like to be able to do is selectively block certain websites. Yes of course you can guess which ones I’d need to specifically target... I have kids! Things like YouTube are invaluable when they’re doing homework. When they’re surfing around the web... not so much. So it’d be nice to have some control over which sites they can visit or not. Thanks!

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  • A router that allows some traffic management in front of the gateway eero is only way I've found to do this reasonably. Cost me another $120 for a router, but it was one-time cost and got me the features I wanted. 

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  • Ok, cannot believe this is missing....

    the question should be when can we have it....

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  • While I will say that I'm loving my Eero vs my old Linksys wifi....I wish I would have looked into this more, before dropping nearly $400 on 3 APs.  This seems like a rather commonly available feature elsewhere.  I would ***LOVE*** to be able to block specific sites/services for specific devices for a lot of the same reasons that others have already mentioned.  Homework time or "punishment" time for the kids - no youtube, no fortnite, etc.

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  • Specifically Youtube, anyone have a workaround YET? So frustrating.

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    • zion611 We are working to launch these features this summer. I know it has been a while, but want to let you know that we hear you and are actively working to ensure you have control over your network.

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      • nirbir
      • nirbir
      • 7 mths ago
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      Sieglock I'm really happy to know this is being worked. How will we know when it's deployed? I've been waiting for this feature before I sign up for Secure.

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    • Sieglock Any updates?  There seems too be a bunch of interest here but crickets from Eero.  We need this feature NOW with kids commandeering devices at home.

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    • Todd Wesslen - we are a bit behind where we wanted to be, but the team is working hard on this feature! I am actually testing the functionality right now. We are tracking to late October / early November production release. I hope this helps provide clarity and I will update this thread as we get closer to launch.

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  • I am shocked that Eero doesn’t have this already. I am even more shocked that they aren’t fast-tracking this, given children are now learning from home. I really hope this shows up 1H 2020 rather than in the summer. I know they overlap a little, but not a lot.

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  • I just signed up For + foolishly thinking there was no way I couldn’t figure it out, but am shocked that a 9 dollar subscription doesn’t include. I will be canceling.

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  • From technical point of view, this feature should not be that hard to implement. 

    And this should be a "must have" feature, so most of us are "shocked" when we found this is missing. 


    We should not talk about summer, we should consider ship this in next firmware/software update.

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  • Completely flabbergasted that Eero can not do this. This is parental controls 101.


    As a parent, that's a deal-breaker!

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  • I ended up setting up pi-hole on an old PC, and am running that as my DNS server. Partnered with Cloudflare’s for families, this has been a workable solution. (You can also run pi-hole on a raspberry pi)

    I have seen more complex projects pushed to beta in the time it took me to figure this out (1 week). While I don’t know Amazon/Eero’s priorities, I would think this would have shifted with the current state of the world.

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  • How can it have taken two years for EERO to do this when simple tech solutions on other platforms already exist.  I've been super happy with the performance and features so far, but this is enough for me to ditch the subscription and whole service and move to something else that actually acts on user feedback.  Two years of "planned" is not acceptable. 

      • GodspeedFx
      • GodspeedFx
      • 8 mths ago
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      BSMIrish To be fair, this feature hasn't been "planned" for 2 years.  I voted on this very thread 2 years ago when it was first posted and didn't even have a status.  They only recently updated it to "Planned".  Yes, I was disappointed that the feature wasn't available already, but there are a thousand other ways to block a website on your home network and the rest of Eero's features and performance were more than enough to justify the cost.  I'm super happy that they are planning on adding it in for a release this summer though!  It will really simplify my setup and make it a lot easier to make changes to blocked websites on my network.  Thank you Eero developers!

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  • Again, this needs to be added. I was just bamboozled by my tech savvy son during this distance learning experiment that is most likely to be the norm in the fall. I am preparing a work around for now because of the amount of money I have invested in a product that up to now has "just worked."

    And that's not sarcasm, Eero is the only router I have found that does not interfere with the roughly half dozen corporate VPNs I connect to on a daily basis. And it works extremely well within a Florida home built to survive a hurricane, cinderblock interior and exterior walls, reinforced concrete, the works. I pay for gigabit internet and at least on my side of the cable, I have it. Again, it just works.

    Up until now.

    I am now beginning my research into a more versatile solution, including looking at commercial and lower end Enterprise solutions. It will most likely cost more than the Eero did (Which was $600 after adding base stations to cover everything), but in order to do my work and not be made a fool of by my son it means I install a Cisco Pix Firewall, so be it.

    But just so I'm specific with what my (and everyone else's appears to be) request is:

    1. The ability to specify a website and/or IP address or range within a filter profile.

    This should be ridiculously easy to implement, an insertion into the hosts file on the router's EPROM, sending something to localhost or a 404 page under a profile.

    And in the "really nice to have" department:

    2. The ability to receive daily reports (email or otherwise) of websites visited by a profile.

    3. The ability to receive daily reports and threshold exceeded warnings of website traffic from a profile.

    These features are no longer optional now. I *have* to have control over what my child sees and does so I don't look like a damned fool in front of his teachers. These, as my service provider should be the number one engineering priority now.


    Thank you.

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  • Just want to join the refrain from parents.  This is essential functionality.  I need blacklist as soon as possible.  Adding a social media category to the blocks available would be great too.

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  • I agree—these features are badly needed! Sounds like they are in the works, but covid 19 has really made the need for them more urgent for parents!

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  • I also learned something about how eero does things and while it is not bad, it can affect how blocking a website would function.

    First, eero is not just a hardware vendor, it is a service provider too. Their eero Secure service, which costs a monthly fee, is where all the malware, ad-blocking, and filtering happens. It does not happen on the router, it is a cloud service (specifically in Amazon Web Services), which is why is is regularly updated and maintained. It's Software as a Service (SaaS). Again, this is not a bad thing and is perfect for probably 95-96% of people. Unfortunately, I am in that 4-5%. My requirements for my work are pretty strict and I can't block anything without the possibility of it messing up my access to work VPNs. I went through 4 router vendors until I found eero and when I say it "just works", I'm not kidding.

    However things are changing and I'm having to look at how my data is being handled after it leaves my home, work is encrypted beyond belief (Well past milspec), but data coming from my family is not as well protected. So I am looking at commercial grade VPN and DNS encryption services for the whole home, and in testing one I found out that no matter what I put in as my DNS entries, eero Secure stripped it out and sent it to theirs. As soon as I turned it off, it went where I wanted it to.

    All that said, if website blocking is implemented as part of the eero Secure service, I can't use it. But if it's done at the router gateway level, I can. In theory, this is a simple fix, DNS is cached locally on the router to make things speedier getting to commonly used websites. On my laptop, DNS lookup first goes through the hosts file and if there's something there like www.malwaresite.com it goes nowhere.

    And this is more secure too, nothing gets out I don't want to get out.

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  • Eero engineers, this should be a no-brainer.  How many "votes" or suggestions do you need for something that just makes sense?  You have a great product, but the lack of this feature, and the lack of willingness to address these suggestions, is disappointing.

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  • Not yet?🤔

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  • Hi Sieglock , thank you for sharing information with us so that we know this feature is coming. 

    In the meantime, can you provide some details regarding the implementation and what we can expect regarding implementing it so that we can plan for our home networks?


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  • Can we get an update on Blocking certain websites feature? I'm trying to decide whether I want to invest more into my eero mesh or dump it and get something that has more useful features. Thanks!



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  • Great idea.  This would be helpful.

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  • If, like me, you need this functionality sooner rather than later, I recommend getting the Circle device and plugging it into the free port on your Eero node.  Worked like a charm, has great category blocking and whitelist/blacklist.

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    • pburkindine I've heard mixed reviews so I'm unsure.

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  • common, eero, where is this?  school from home is starting back up and kids are gonna be tempted to watch youtube all day instead of doing their work.  we need this immediately.  i am already looking for other options in case this is not added here in the next few weeks.  

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  • This has been needed for too long. Please implement this before online schooling starts again. Parents across the country are counting on you to help us and our kids out with this functionality. 

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