Block (Blacklist) certain websites

I need to have the ability to block certain websites in the profiles area. It would also be great to have the ability to whitelist certain sites as well. 

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  • I've been checking this thread for years now and it's still not clear whether or not we'll get this feature. Either provide the feature or be honest and tell us why it's never going to happen please. Otherwise thanks for making a product that mostly meets my expectations. Also IF you release the feature take my money if this is subscription based - just make sure it works and can be applied to specific devices on a permanent basis.

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  • It is a very simple feature.  That is why I am confounded as to why they will not add it.  It could be a simple string compare if they wanted to phone it on.  Sheesh. 

  • This would be really helpful. I am eyeing the eero subscription service. But the main thing I’d like to be able to do is selectively block certain websites. Yes of course you can guess which ones I’d need to specifically target... I have kids! Things like YouTube are invaluable when they’re doing homework. When they’re surfing around the web... not so much. So it’d be nice to have some control over which sites they can visit or not. Thanks!

  • A router that allows some traffic management in front of the gateway eero is only way I've found to do this reasonably. Cost me another $120 for a router, but it was one-time cost and got me the features I wanted. 

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