Block (Blacklist) certain websites

I need to have the ability to block certain websites in the profiles area. It would also be great to have the ability to whitelist certain sites as well. 

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  • Why hadn't this been added? And why eero plus?! This is such a basic feature. I didn't even think to confirm this is possible before buying eero because I was sure it's there. Makes me want to scrap eero for another solution. 

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  • This is huge, please implement this ASAP. I would love to block ad domains as well as specific sites at specific times.

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  • Any update on this feature - I've been waiting for this change.  I am going to have to start investing options outside Eero plus if this is still on the long term backlog.

  • Please provide a status update for this request?  I paid a large amount of money for the Eero ($450) and Eero plus ($100) and was very surprised to learn this very basic feature is not available?  Eero plus is not blocking adult content.  My kids are still able to pull up adult videos on YouTube.  Do you have ant ETA when this will be implemented?  If not I will return the Eero and get a refund.  I can pickup a router for less than $50 that has this feature without paying for a service (Eero plus) that does not work.

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  • For all concerned, I got this reply on reddit to a question about it:

    "It would involve implementing, at a bare minimum, a shared secret architecture for keeping your blacklist secret from us, but known to your nodes and to you, a secure way of interposing in the DNS flow, and cloud and app support for all of this. This is because we don't ever want to know what sites you're visiting, and our architecture is designed to prevent that information from ever reaching eero infrastructure- for privacy.

    We've recently introduced a secure communications layer to the eeroOS platform, called NIMBLE; we wrote a blog post about it. That's the first step towards features like this (and also, a critical enabling step towards no-WAN startup, which sounds like it should be easy but actually creates a whole bunch of corner cases that we had to solve).

    There's a lot of stuff we're working on, like this feature, where it turns out we have to build something new before we can get started on this in particular. But when we build those new things, it turns out we can use them to build other compelling features and experiences- it just takes time."

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      robywar They are likely looking at it wrong. There are a number of ways this could be handled (without anyone knowing what sites you visit). From multi-leveled data encryption to simply just storing the data on the router itself (assuming it has storage capacity - which it wouldn’t require much), there are very simple solutions to get this to work (without the need to involve a monthly fee - we were just offering that as compensation). Other competitors are already offering similar solutions.

      Personally I’d just store the data as a one-way hash (if you’re paranoid about rainbow tables, then add some salt values, but I’d really think that would be way overkill). That way all you have to do is hash the value and compare them. No website data is actually stored. When I got into data encryption 20 years ago, these solutions were already considered old technology, yet they are still used today because they work extremely well, Have little-to-no performance hit, and require very little data storage.

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  • At the very least, make this an option in Eero Plus.  I pay $100 a year to get the subscription that includes safe filtering.  Who determines Safe Filtering?  With Facebook and Google leaching all data through "analytics", I feel my data is unsafe.

    For $30, one time, I could install Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi and get this functionality without it calling home anywhere. Seems like Eero should be able to implement this as well without years of engineering.

    • Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, derekbelrose, and welcome to the Community. You raise some really good points, so I'd like to take a moment to offer a little more information and context about how eero Plus works. 

      First and foremost, it's important for me to emphasize that neither the the eero system neither records nor logs your network traffic – in other words, the eero doesn't see which websites you're visiting. This is a crucial privacy point for us, and it ties in to how eero Plus works as well. Rather than being something operating on the eero locally, eero Plus actually happens at the DNS level, with all network traffic being routed through a database. That database only checks DNS requests, and filters them in accordance with the particular settings you have enabled via the app based solely on the DNS entry.

      With this in mind, you can see how adding a feature that allows users to name specific sites or domains to block would require us to rework not only how the eero handles traffic, but also change our philosophy about user privacy. That said, this isn't a feature that we've absolutely written out, and our product team continues to explore ways that we can potentially implement this functionality while staying true to our value of user privacy.

      We definitely appreciate your thoughts on this, and we encourage you to absolutely pursue any other workarounds that you feel would be a better fit for your network. One of the great things about eero is that it plays very wells with a lot of homebrew solutions, and you wouldn't be the first user to supplement your eero network with a Raspberry Pi. We welcome you again to the Community, and look forward to your future thoughts!

      Drew, eero Community Team

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    • Drew I truly appreciate your response and I do acknowledge and appreciate Eero’s commitment to user privacy.  I only wish I could take advantage of the Eero plus filtering and use a pi-hole.  I haven’t given it much thought on how to do that...possibly by sending the Eero’s DNS through the pi-hole before going out to the internet...

      This is a great product.  I hope that Eero continues their dedication to user privacy and making it a priority in the engineering of products.........

      Or at least let us know if the company is forced to discontinue that policy by corporate overlords :)

      Anyway, thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to giving my numerous opinions

  • This is a must for eero plus. In fact I couldn't believe it wasn't when I signed up. Please get this added to the consideration list. There are other wifi systems doing this and if this doesn't get added I'll be forced to switching.

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  • Drew, thank you for your update.  As a user, I understand your desire, and frankly my desire for privacy and the fact that Eero doesn't track my internet use, however as a Parent, that is paying $100 a year for safe filtering and monitoring, I struggle with the need to be able to at times block certain domains, specifically gaming domains like Fortnite and YouTube while still allowing access to the internet for school work.  


    I respectfully request someone from Eero either give a timeline (days, weeks, months) or honestly answer if this is a bridge to far with your privacy concerns.  That will give me the option of waiting for it to be implemented or looking at other ways of blocking.

    I have been waiting for this to be implemented for longer than I believe it should have taken.



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  • Also waiting for this functionality. This is now 1 year + old. Still not on the roadmap?

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  • This is absolutely a must in terms of parental controls. I love eero, and have been eero plus subscriber for years, but this becomes a deal breaker, and it's still not on the roadmap :(

  • I would pay more for eero plus if a feature that enabled us to block you tube, etc.  existed.  Lots of parents out there struggling with setting boundries for their kids on the internet.  You guys (eero) are missing a tremendous opportunity to develop a product enhancement that would be really profitable for you.  Get going . . .

  • I really need this feature also.  Will consider dropping EeroPlus if not available soon.  Seems like a no-brainer feature.

  • Agree this is very helpful (maybe necessary) for parents. I'd also like to be able to block websites by MAC address or device. This would allow me to block Youtube for the kids but not for me. I get that there are likely more important things to implement. This seems pretty important for parents.

    This would also allow us to block the VPN sites our kids try to use to get around us blocking the sites they want to see. 

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  • Please add my vote to both whitelisting and blacklisting on a per-profile basis.

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  • I'd like this option as well. I can see the benefit of using this for families, but I don't have one. My use case is that my boyfriend and I both tend to get distracted with certain websites when we're working. I'd like to be able to toggle access to Facebook, Twitter, news sites, etc. for a period of time. 

  • I'm likely adding a router with these capabilities and still use eero for wireless in bridge mode. 

  • Adding my vote. This should also be an included feature of eero and not require a Secure or Secure+ subscription.

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  • It's been a Year, any updates or I will cancel and return all the eero systems

    • abraham_raib Bye.

    • abraham_raib - I think you should stay around until at least through first half of 2020. We don't comment on our roadmap and timing just in case things change. However, I can tell you this is one of the features I most look forward to releasing when/if it is ready.

  • As a parent, REALLY need the ability to turn of (for example) YouTube for certain profiles.  I know LOTS of parents have asked for this feature.  Please make this a priority.

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  • Hello? Are you going to provide this feature? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? 

  • This is just basic hygiene for any network router.  The fact that you have not added it for years is ridiculous.  Heck, you could just add some regex variable to the code and make it happen.  

    That being said, does anyone there have a recommended work-around?

  • Maybe it's the fact that Amazon now owns eero; it seems like maybe this is just a simple conflict of interest issue - if an eero user could block an Amazon-affiliated site that could be bad for Amazon's business. Never underestimate the opportunity to put $$ ahead of customer needs.

  • We NEED this! Get in this fight with us Eero or we have to return the equipment and get in the ring with someone who is already in our corner. 

  • Hi everyone, thank you for all of the requests for this feature! We don't comment on our roadmap and timing just in case things change. However, I can tell you this is one of the features I most look forward to releasing when/if it is ready.

  • Sieglock Thank you for that hint about the future. My only hope would be that the addition of some of these potential future features will be not be an attempt to monetize the installed Eero base by only making the feature(s) available to people who pony up for a subscription.

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