Outsmarting our kids

Hello everyone 

I decided to purchase this product base on the idea i could restrict my kids internet time where I could setup a parental timeline however our kids by going on YouTube can bypass our restrictions by spoofing their devices Mac Address, after speaking with a tech support we agree that the only solution is to create a separate guest network by the IT department with all access but with timing.

Parents, can create kids network outside of the main network, so when we setup the kill switch our kids will not have access to the internet at all leaving us the adult and the rest of the devices connection active.


The kids network should have the capability of restricting sexual content or any inappropriate content base on age standard or the capabilities of leaving it fully open but when we say it is time to stop the internet to our kids they shouldn’t have way to outsmart us.


If you think my petition resonates with you please vote to this petition so we can have it in our next eero upgrade, by the way I told my son about this idea due to his actions and his answer was “Dad don’t waste your time with this they never listen to any community ideas nor they read it”, so folks let’s see if my son was right about no one listen nor IT department to our requests, The buyer, The customer, The parents.


Thank you all.

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  • I like to have easy to impletment tools myself and would like to be able to prevent MAC spoofing if Amazon decides to tackle it.  

    But you know, if you succeed here with a MAC spoofing solution, it is still just part of the solution.  Your kids probably have phones and can probably turn off their wifi to get their fix of taboo subjects.  Or use a friends wifi and download what they want for offline use.  I believe they can VPN to anywhere even with Eero Plus up and running for example.  

    You might win a battle or two with your approach here and there but I think having a talk about why I want my kids to avoid this junk is more important when you have clever teens and preteens. Sounds like you have smart kids.  They will find a way to do it if they want as they have so much time for things like defeating security.  

    So I talk about how the taboo things are bad for society and how the purveyors of the taboo are treated by the mainstream rightly or wrongly and hope some of it sinks in.    

    But hey, make them work hard for that taboo too!  Learning all that security avoidance makes them smarter!  : )

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