Feature Request: Ability to Sort by IP, Hostname, MAC Address

New eero customer here. Enjoying my trio and also bought three for my parents' home too. I like the ease of use, but sometimes find I need additional detail. Here's something I ran into today.

When I need to find which device on my network has a particular IP address, I have to tap through all of the devices one at a time until I find the right one. (I have 40+devices, both wired and wireless). It would be nice if I could sort the list of devices by any of a number of fields: IP address, MAC address, Host Name and Nick Name (the current sort order).

This would also be somewhat easier if there was a way to login to the eero through a web browser (and maybe even have options to export the device list to CSV/XLS).


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  • Hey Mike K

    Thanks for the feedback. We are thrilled to hear you are loving your eeros so far.

    Hearing a specific use case is always helpful in better understanding the need, so I appreciate you providing that insight. I look forward to hearing other thoughts on this matter!

  • Sorting by IP address in particular is helpful when planning to assign static IPs or in troubleshooting network issues. I happen to need to set 30+ static IP reservations (for various reasons) and it's always troublesome when needing to check certain batches of IPs for connectivity.

  • If not sorting by IP, a function to LOOK-UP by IP address would work. I have 73 devices active, but one device had an address of, which I don't understand. All res are 192.168.7.xxx.

  • Found this feature request because I had the exact same need, so upvoted. 37 connected devices which I want to give nicknames in order to help me gain insight in how my network is functioning. I can identify devices by MAC address, but having to tap each device in the Eero app for the MAC address gets old pretty quickly. ;)

  • Same here. I'm trying to track down MAC addresses for my home automation system. Clicking on each one individually is very time consuming. 

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  • Just switched to the eero pro 6. I like it so far however it's limiting not being able to find things by mac or ip.  For some reason is way worse at automatically pulling names of devices than my orbi was. I have 80 some devices I can't go through each one manually. 

    Like with the orbi I like my network to be clean and then I get notifications for anything that joins.  It's a real struggle here we need a web gui or search feature!

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