Feature Request: Add support for PPPoE

many ISPs, including CenturyLink require PPPoE. Without this support, eero cannot be used as a router and only as a bridge. 

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  • Adding my vote for PPPoE support.

    I’ve bought myself the original eero, 2nd gen, and now the 6 series. I’ve given them as gifts to my parents and siblings, all of whom loved them. I just looked at my Amazon order history and counted 26 eero devices purchased in total. (That number shocked me.)

    But for nearly three years now, I have been limited into using CenturyLink — and without PPPoE support I don’t know how much longer I can stay loyal to eero. It’s simply providing lesser functionality than comparable brands.

    Please, I really want to remain an eero zealot. Help me get out of double NAT purgatory.

  • I have just found that a UK ISP, TalkTalk, has launched its new FTTP product as Future Fibre powered by eero. TalkTalk is an ISP that mainly uses the  common BT Openreach UK network. The router supplied is either an eero6 or eero pro 6 depending on the package chosen by the user. The set up instructions on line are a bit vague, just plug the eero into the ONT or Fibre Connection Box and follow the app for set up. No mention of PPPoE, Bridge mode or double NAT. I was a Talk Talk customer for several years and know that their standard products require a password as ID on start up. 

    Does anyone here know whether they have been able to overcome the problems mentioned on this thread? If so how? Sadly my experience with TalkTalk means that I would be very  reluctant to even consider moving back to them.

      • Alan
      • Alan
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      Alan An update from me. It seems that TalkTalk do not use PPPoE on their residential fibre systems.

      I have seen reference now to DHCP/IPOE, but not sure what that means.

  • Just got the new eero pro 6 in the UK but real shame I can't use most of the features as I don't want to double NAT so using just as a bridge .... can someone from Amazon / eero please give us any indication if the feature is being worked on at all? .... you have had a awfully long time to have it under consideration!

  • Jeff C. --  3 years ago you indicated in this thread that you would tell us a timeline here for PPPoE, when it got close.  With the teaser in the Network/ISP Settings/WAN type setting in the latest iOS app update, I would guess that you almost have it ready, and perhaps could tell us if it is imminent in days/weeks/months or even more years?

  • Typical !!!


    • Support for the PPPoE WAN type on eero Pro 6 and eero 6

    Original eero sidelined yet again……

    Will be switching to Google when I upgrade to fttp early next year….

  • Can you please also enable PPPOE on Ring Alarm Pro?

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