Managing Multiple Networks

I have two networks that I manage.  One at my parents house (in another part of the state) which I set up and which is working well.   Another in my own house.  Originally, I was able to access the Eero network at my parents house, but now that I have added mine (or maybe it was with the app updates), I can no longer see their network listed in the Eero app on my phone.

How do I re-add their network, so that I can manage it?   

For example, my parents called tonight to say that Netflix is not working, and so I wanted to access their network and find out if they actually have connectivity.  But I can no longer see their network on my app.

I have read the article listed below,  which misleadingly suggests that it will help in this matter, instead it just describes how to setup a second network, not how to add one that already exists.  When I follow the procedure, the app complains that it can't see the new Eero devices that I'm trying to "add".   But I already did that several months ago, and I have no plans to fly to there house, just to reacquire their network.  

How should I proceed?


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  • Hi Kevin,

    It sounds like the issue is indeed that you used two different phone numbers for each network. At this time, we don't offer the ability to add multiple account admins, and the admin account is attached to a number. 

    You can definitely manage more than one network in the app, however, as discussed, at this time they will need to be under the same account. When you add another network from within the app with an existing network on that account, we don't ask for another email and phone number as they are shared on the account.

    Does your father use the eero app as well? If not, we can try to find a solution for you to retain ownership of his home network so that you can manage it.

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  • Are both networks on the same Eero account, or two different accounts?  Do you see an icon for their network under Switch Network?  Do the icon(s) move when you try and swipe sideways?

  • No.  It disappeared some time ago.

  • Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Eero app?

  • Hello kevinashaw – Thanks for the post!

    That article is indeed intended to walk you through setting up a second network under your user account, and at the bottom instructs you how to switch between the two networks once you have done that. This second part is only possible if you set up the additional network under your user account in your eero app by following the first part of those instructions.

    If you would like me to look further into this, please feel free to email us at support@eero.com from the email account you used to set up your eero account. Ask for Matthew, the support lead, and I will be happy to pull up your account to see if you are the owner of both accounts.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • I feel that the core question is not being addressed: how does one manage Eero networks in two houses?

    Since each Eero network is bound to a single phone number at each house, how can I access the network for each from one phone?  

    In this case, I used my father's phone number when I created his network (it is his house after all).  And, because I liked the product, I bought and installed a second Eero network in my house and used my own phone number.  So how can I now access his network?  

    I think that you are going to tell me:
     - each network connects to only one phone number, and
     - each app connects to only one phone number.

    So it can't be done if two phone numbers are used.

    [Aside: when I first setup his network in San Diego, I did so using my own phone, though with his phone number.  When I flew home to San Francisco, it was extremely valuable to be able to fix network issues on his network from here.  When I then bought and set up my own network here, I did so with my own phone number.  I don't recall how I did it as there were some set up issues, but clearly I can't access his network anymore.]

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  • Jeff C.  I'd like to chime in with kevin to say that (1) this is needed and (2) this is not obvious without coming to this forum.  I just set up a network at my sister's house and am considering buying one for two other family members' houses but it would be best if I could manage them all but they could only manage their own. Will it be possible in the future to give more than one account the ability to manage a router?

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  • Any updates on this topic?

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  • Thanks for checking in,  kevinashaw

    At this time, we don't have any updates for adding the ability to have multiple admins per network. You can follow any updates for this specific feature request here.

    Does your father use the eero app? If not, we may be able to merge his account with yours. This way, you could manage his account remotely.

    Please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com.

  • I know this thread is 2+ years old, but I'm running into the exact same issue. I loved my Eeros so much that I got a set for my parents. But I'd like to also manage their network from my app. Different phone numbers and accounts. I can't believe 2 years later Eero hasn't added this feature. Seems pretty basic.

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  • I've been trying to manage three networks, one is bridged and two are gateways. But for the life of me I can't get them separated to manage independent of one another.

    Putting all the management into an app only sure is limiting. No local web access for management right.

    Frustrating enough that I'll probably take all three sets (3 pucks each) and exchange then them for Google pucks.


  • Any update to this?  Still something I need to have to manage my parents and In-Law networks.

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  • I have this exact same issue, but my folks are next door. I need to be able to manage their network, too.

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