VPN options for Sever and Client.

Having the option for a VPN client connection would be great. With s curry and safety every network should be using a VPN. 

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  • Further still, allow a VPN built on the eero network so devices, particularly kid's devices, can still be monitored.

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  • +1, to adding an OpenVPN client.

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  • Thanks everyone for chiming in. I wanted to get ahead of this before it potentially spurns in a certain direction...

    While we absolutely want you to share your interest in this feature so we can continue to track interest, please respect that this is a community about eero and connectivity. Keep the requests qualitative, but also make sure your discussion doesn't move into or provoke any sort of political debate. 

    Thank you!

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  • Jeff C. I get where you're coming from, and my interest in a VPN feature is solely so that I can keep all my traffic private and from being sold by my ISP (who is my only option for internet service).

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  • +1 please add!

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  • apocrates if it's helpful, I use PureVPN.

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  • Due to the recent decision to allow ISP’s to sell my traffic data, I am interested in establishing a VPN at my gateway. I can already do this at the client level. But, not everyone in my house is competent enough to know how to use a VPN.  Also, many of the devices in my home cannot effectively run a VPN client.

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  • Jeff C. 


    … please respect that this is a community about eero and connectivity.

    I would like to request support for eero to have VPN client support connecting the home network to an external VPN provider. I request support for OpenVPN, Private Internet Access, TorGuard, BlackVPN, MullVAD etc.

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  • +1 Thank you for considering this on your development roadmap.

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  • +1 Everyone above did a nice job presenting information on why this would be a nice feature moving forward.

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  • I use Private Internet Access, have used them for a few years with no issues. I would love to see Eero add the ability to tunnel all your traffic to a VPN provider.



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  • +1, we definitely need eero to add VPN support ASAP .... 

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  • +1 for VPN support. Please add!

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  • +1 for built-in VPN capabilities. It is really important to us when outside of the home network.

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  • I thought this thread was originally focused on VPN connectivity from within my LAN to the wild, thusly obfuscating my traffic from my ISP, etc.  You bring up an excellent point, that I had not been considering, VPN connections from the wild to the LAN.  Both features would be great.  I'd prioritize outbound connectivity first, in my case.

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  • Yes please, outbound VPN support (native VPN client) would be very nice! I'd also like to say for example I don't need this and that device to go through the VPN tunnel (for example Xbox).

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  • I would also like to see VPN functionality on the eero. 

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  • +1 for native VPN support for all the reasons previously mentioned.  This needs to happen sooner than later given the current internet climate.

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  • +1 for VPN support for so many different reasons.  Why would I not want to add another layer of security when I am on the internet?

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  • When can we expect this feature?  We need an ETA please!!!!!!!

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  • +1, for both client and server VPN support.

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  • +1, I'd like to add my support for adding vpn client mode to eero. 

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  • Im currently using a sonicWall for Work VPN. Would love support for this.

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  • In the meantime, I setup a Raspberry Pi with an OpenVPN server to provide VPN support. However, Eero does not support loopback NAT, so I had to configure the VPN in a way that allowed me to access the internal network resources, as if I was actually on the network, while connected to the VPN. I am looking forward to when Eero has better support for VPN on the network.

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