Assign a device to a specific eero

I was recently going through my connected device list and noticed I have some of my devices connected to an eero which isn't the closest one to it.  Wouldn't it make more sense to bind a device to a specific eero?  For example, my Ring doorbell is maybe 10 - 15 feet from the closest eero but it is connected to one upstairs and further away.  Not sure if that would cause a QoS kind of issue but for stationary devices I don't see them moving from one eero to another (Nest products, Amazon Echo, Ring doorbell, etc.)

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  • If I can see the device why can't I assign it?  My ring doorbells both connect to the main line in which is at the back of the house and are each with fifteen feet of a beacon

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    • Jeff Mussman Only the device can decide what AP it connects to... 

    • txgunlover true, but if I can block something from the network altogether why can't I block it from a specific hub?  ...or all hubs but one?

    • Jeff Mussman you should be using switches, not hubs.  Also, make sure you're using un-managed switches or turn off all management features of any switch you're using, if managed.  Eero does not play nicely with managed switches.

    • txgunlover when I said "hub" I meant a specific eero.  Sorry for the imprecision

  • In on asking for this feature- I'm forced to unplug my TV nearly every day because I can neither bind the TV to the nearest eero module nor can I stop the eero system from rebooting (seemingly) every night.  Imo that's sufficiently ridiculous to cause me to move to a different system; this thread shows both continued interest from the user community and continued DISinterest from eero.

    • Robert Mangas you could put a Christmas tree trimmer on the TV to "unplug" it for 15 minutes early every morning.  I have done this with cable modems and routers in the past.  A silly solution though but easier than a new wifi system

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    • Jeff Mussman Good idea, thanks for the suggestion.  Our eero setup is rented from the cable company, so swapping it out isn't as drastic as it may seem, but I do like and appreciate your idea!

  • I have the same issue. i have Denon Heos wireless speakers throughout the house. In one room there are two speakers that form a stereo pair. There are a couple of eeros, one maybe 10 feet away through one wall, in the living room, and one maybe 25 feet away through several walls, in the office. (Old house, stucco walls.) Sometimes one or the other speaker will connect to the living room eero, sometimes to the office, sometimes at 2.4 GHz, sometimes at 5 GHz even though it shows a very weak signal. I just figured this out when the speakers suddenly stopped connecting consistently with the Heos system. eero can see and report on all the speakers while  they connectt with one or another eero, switch between 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ, and go one and offline. Heos can’t consistently see them.

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      billfish Having Heos is your first problem... haha. Should have gotten Sonos. I have Sonos all over and eero, no problems at all.

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      TechGuru True that. I was able to pick up used Heos generation 1 components for cheap. Ha.

  • My devices frequently connects to a farther eero. Being able to choose and specific eero point would be a life saviour. Sometimes even turning wifi on and off doesn't make the job, so I have to unplug the farther  eero point to force the device to connect to the nearest. This happens to all my devices and different brands. It would be great if we could link a profile to an specific access point. So every device on the profile would always connect to the same point. I have TVs, Desktops, Alexas, Playstations... these kind of devices are always in the same room. 

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