Assign a device to a specific eero

I was recently going through my connected device list and noticed I have some of my devices connected to an eero which isn't the closest one to it.  Wouldn't it make more sense to bind a device to a specific eero?  For example, my Ring doorbell is maybe 10 - 15 feet from the closest eero but it is connected to one upstairs and further away.  Not sure if that would cause a QoS kind of issue but for stationary devices I don't see them moving from one eero to another (Nest products, Amazon Echo, Ring doorbell, etc.)

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  • I need this feature! I use iDevices smart home switches and recently upgraded to eero Pro 6E routers from eero 2nd Gen routers, and iDevices list eero 6 / Pro 6 (and I assume Pro 6E) routers as "known to be incompatible"... I still have my 2nd Gen routers, and I could set one up and just point all of my iDevices at that one older router so they would work again.


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  • I have a firetv in my bedroom, an Alexa on each night stand, and a beacon in clear line of sight from all devices.

    Half the time I watch tv, the sound cuts out. Why is this? Either my firetv, or one of the Alexa’s will connect to the eero device in my living room instead of bedroom, and my audio from whatever I’m watching will cut out.

    It is mind blowing that Amazon could acquire Eero, and it works so poorly with Amazon devices.

    Assigning a device to a eero device would at least solve this issue for me.

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  • I have a wireless Canon printer that is constantly reconnecting to the furthest Eero 6e (of 4) in the house instead of the Eero 6e in the same room. Printing is dreadfully slow because of this. I can get it to connect to the closest Eero 6e, but when I return the next day (without powering down anything overnight) it's connected to that far Eero 6e again.

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  • Bumping this yet again, really unhappy this still hasn’t been fixed, the solution suggested doesn’t work for anyone and you would have thought after 5 years that it would be a piece of functionality that would be easily included. Am probably gonna have to scrap my entire eero system as have 1 problem room that has its own node but the devices connect to it 50% of the time and the rest of the time completely ruin my viewing experience by connecting to the one furthest away.  Would not recommend anyone buys this product if they care so little about their customers

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  • This is a valid requirement neglected by Eero for 5+ years! When the eeros reboot, the stationary devices latch to the first eero that boots. We have no way to change that, and like others have said, its not easy to reboot certain devices like cameras, sensors etc. 

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    Hit them where it hurts-  in the wallet.  And maybe they’ll finally listen (after over 5 years of politely asking)!



  • Can we PLEASE get this done? There are numerous requests for this and it just seems to be something that would be a no brainer to do.

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      tcaleb46 agreed!

  • Not that it will do any good, but I'm another person with this same problem. Bought multiple APs in hopes of getting a good signal in the back of my home, but all devices in the back continue to connect to the main Pro 6e, the farthest away device, and completely ignore the AP 8' from them.

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