Feature Request - Management of connected users

It would be nice to be able to remove a connected device from the network.  As an example when I setup the network my daughter allowed some one on and not as a guest.  This user can now connect to our network anytime they return to our house.  It would be nice to be able to select the user from the list and have an option to remove from network.  As an aside you could also have the option to black list a device so they can never connect. in the same screen as an option.  One more item that would be good is to see the amount of data the account has used up and down stream.  I guess this is more of a story than an individual request.

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  • Hi  rhalibur

    Thanks for your feature request! I made to sure to redirect people from the other related topic so they can find this one.

  • An extension to the ability to boot a user is having the ability to transfer a device connected to your main network to a guest network for example.

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  • I've had similar management concerns, and solved it by creating a guest profile. Unknown guests that connect get added here, and I can then turn off all unknown guests at will. Really helps to manage it.

  • Jeff C.,

    Having the ability to kick a device off the network would be very helpful. It would be nice to have that tool available for use if and when needed. What good does being able to see what is connected if you can't remove a device if needed? Thanks

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  • Hi everyone! 

    I'm happy to share that this feature has been implemented into the eero app!

    From within the eero app, you can block any devices that you believe shouldn't be on your network. For more on this feature, please see the following help center article:

    How do I block unwanted devices on my network? 

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      • mwibbley
      • mwibbley
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      Jeff C. 

      • mwibbley
      • mwibbley
      • 2 mths ago
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      Jeff C. please can we have the option to delete devices from the recent activity list when they are no longer connected. 

  • I want to express my gratitude for implementing this functionality.  It works like a charm.




  • has there been any movement on this post as to having the ability to remove computers from my eero network and not just block them or move them to a guest profile?

  • I wouldn't call this Feature Request as Implemented.  The original request is to be able to remove devices altogether, not just block them.  If I get a new phone, I don't want to see my old phone just sitting there in the list of devices.  It would be nice to just remove or delete devices.

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  • has there been any update on this? i do not seen any new ability to remove anything from the network, Is this ever going to happen?

  • Very odd... this request was to manage devices including the ability to remove and block.  Though blocking is available now, the ability to do something as simple as remove is not available.  Truly a head scratcher here since I have always been able to remove devices with other routers and this request is 3 years old.  Even more odd it shows as implemented when we still cannot remove a device.  

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