Any chance the USB ports will be activated any time soon? They would be extremely useful for many purposes. In my case I would love to be able to attach a portable drive with my music so that my Sonos system can read it and so I am able to stream my music library.



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    • Jeff_C
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Hi  pepemas

    Thanks for reaching out. At this time, we don't have any updates to share regarding making the USB port available for anything but diagnostic purposes.

    If you would like to reach out to our support team, we work closely with Sonos Support and would be happy to try and find a solution. Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com.

    • Eric_Rivera
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Apple Time Machine/NAS support through the USB port would be awesome. Just switched from an Apple Airport Extreme and am already missing that feature for simple backups via WiFi. But overall, I'm excited to explore new features that were not available on the Apple Airport Extreme. Thanks!

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