Port Forwarding is a big deal, and you need to take it seriously

I wanted to get an Eero because Wi-Fi is garbage with a normal router and I didn't want to inconvenience myself or my guests with gross Wi-Fi. After I got setup everything was great.

Then I found out I couldn't port forward a range of ports or DMZ, which is a huge problem because I play a lot of online PC games and they require ports to be forwarded. It wouldn't be a problem if I could DMZ or do ranged ports (or connect my modem to my switch and connect my Eero to the switch; that should definitely work too...), but now I can't play any of my games without tediously setting up port forwarding for each one. Believe my I tried. Overwatch? Random disconnects. CS GO? More random disconnects.

You know they punish players as far as a permanent ban if people DC for crappy internet. I frequently yell at people who can't get their internet connection figured out because they don't want to take 5 minutes to learn how to configure their network properly.

Then there's me, who's taken a couple of hours to make sure everything was perfect, only to find out that port forwarding is trash, which makes me want to return the product to the store, or sell it on Offer Up to some sucker that wants to buy this brilliant piece of hardware that runs on garbage software.

Seriously, take port forwarding seriously. I will need to buy another router and use that instead of my Eero purely because it lacks some of the most common features. Do a firmware update with a "tick" that says "open all ports" on a specific IP address and everything will be peachy.

But don't make me forward ports 12000-64000 one by one. Put DMZ, "Forward all ports", and ranged port forwarding in your backlog. It's REALLY important.

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    • JTswift
    • 6 yrs ago
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    While I do agree that entering a range would be nice, you can call support and they can enter a range for you. They have more tools at their disposal to do that sort of thing.

    Give them a call and your ports will be open in no time.

      • Googolbyte
      • 6 yrs ago
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      JTswift That would be excellent, except they no longer have those tools. Also I have moved on to a netgear gigabit router, and put my Eero on offerup. Hopefully someone buys it because I sure as hell not going to touch it.

      • omnicoreinc
      • 6 yrs ago
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      Googolbyte daisychain the eero to the netgear, have the netgear do all the port work, disable its wifi and have the eeros handle the wifi for your home.

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