Add Ability to Default Safe Filters for Any New Device

I have a young family and really enjoy the peace of mind the Safe Filters Content Filtering provides.  While it's easy to add known devices to a Profile to take advantage of this feature there should be a way to default it for any new device that connects to the network.  I'm concerned about friends, cousins, etc... using my network and not having the Safe Filters protection.  Please either provide a feature to default it on for the network or at least to the Guest Access network so I can enjoy the same peace of mind for anyone using it.  Thanks.

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  • I have the exact same question.  I have created an "All" Family Profile that applies to all known devices, but I want to apply Safe Filters to any device that comes on my network.  Help!

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  • Synology does this in their routers. You can setup a Default profile and any device that you have not assigned to a specific profile will have the default profile applied to it. The Default profile is then configurable just like any other profile.

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  • Bump - I would really like to have this feature, as well as the ability to set the default content filters for the guest network. I have guests over regularly and I don't want them being able to access questionable content over my WiFi, whether they are on the guest network or not.

    There should be an option to put all new devices into a specific profile by default, as well as a profile that applies to the whole Guest network at all times.

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  • This is more important than ever with iOS 14 which allows devices to change their MAC address per network, making a devices ability to appear "new" very easy. A default restrictions setting for all new devices would help a lot.

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      Moses I had no idea this was a thing. We definitely need this feature!

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