Enable (limited) device access to guest SSID

It is often useful to enable guests limited access to devices in the network without full access to the network. For example, I would like visitors to use the guest SSID and be able to print to my wireless printer. I could give the visitors access to the main network but I may not want them to e.g. access TV, other computers, etc. This seems like a simple feature since it could leverage much of the family profiles functionality but transfer it to the Guest network. 

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    Yes, please. This has been a pain point at my home with my mother-in-law not having access to Sonos in her room and also the kids having access to all or nothing on Sonos (I've chosen nothing for now). I have no way to create a VLAN or profile that allows specific devices/people to see that speaker. Plume's Home Pass is exactly that.  Please EERO, please!

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