When the power fails ....

Just got my eero system (Pro & 2 Beacons) up & running. Impressive speeds vs. my old WiFi.

If there is a power failure when power resumes obviously the cable modem & eero router will power up at the same time. During my initial setup there were specific instructions about bringing the modem up first - then powering up the eero. In the power failure scenario will everything come back up on its own without any manual involvement? This all worked fine with my old modem. My TiVo is hardwired to the eero and I'd be disappointed if it didn't come back online by itself while I was away & there was a power outage.

Can the eero base unit ever recover on its own from.a "red light" condition or does that require power cycling?

I have 2nd gen eero and SB6121 modem.


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  • The eero will recover on its own. Nothing to worry about :)

      • BobbyC777
      • BobbyC777
      • 1 yr ago
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      cMoo92 Thanks - after I get comfortable with things I'll simulate a power failure & watch everything come back! I appreciate your response.

  • The previous response is not correct. I have an eero mesh and, so far, the power has gone out 2 times since I installed it. Both times I’ve had to unplug the eero and both nodes and plug them back in one by one to get the WiFi to function again. This has caused problems with all my connected devices. 

    • Chikat how long are you giving the eeros a chance to recover? It can take a few minutes. I have frequent brown outs and occasional extended power outages and I never have to manually restart my eeros.

      • Chikat
      • Chikat
      • 5 mths ago
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      cMoo92 10 minutes, maybe longer

    • Hmm, that’s unfortunate. Seems like something else must be going on with your network, because the expected/designed behavior is to have no manual intervention required.

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