eero Beacons Sometimes Work Loose from Wall Outlet

I have eero + 2 Beacons. They work great especially with my having "cut the cord" from my cable TV subscription, and I now use the Tablo OTA DVR with Roku (including Sling TV & Netflix) which all use the network, of course. eero is up to the task.

(I'm in the USA.) I have noted that the Beacons have a tendency to work loose from the wall outlets as a result of wall vibrations caused by doors closing, etc. over time. The Beacons are somewhat top-heavy as they are mounted to a wall power outlet. I remedied this in one instance by placing a nylon cable tie behind the receptacle cover, and fastening it around the front of the eero Beacon.

As you come out with new versions, you might consider this problem. One solution could be to add a small tab with a hole in it at the bottom of the eero Beacon. This tab/hole would line up with the receptacle cover screw and thus hold the eero Beacon in place that way. Because of the Beacon's being top-heavy, the tab could be placed at the top of the Beacon, and the Beacon would then be designed to occupy the lower outlet of the receptacle, (unless that would interfere with the Beacon performance).

Thanks for a good product. First learned about eero from TWIT podcasts (Leo Laporte).

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    A very simple solution occurred to me after posting. Take a pair of needle nose pliers and *gently* bend the prongs slightly outward to make a tighter fit. Done.

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