Low Overhead Mode / High Speed Mode

I use my Eeros for business and I push video streams through them, for possibly hours at a time. multiple cameras pushing 10 Mbits, maybe 100 Mbits, per camera. I get instances where things hiccup, cameras get knocked offline/dropped, and it's a real pain to have to go and reset things. Even if the connection is lost for an instant (which is invisible in most WiFI uses) it's very detrimental to my cameras. 

I know the "security features" are one of the primary pushes of the Eeros. That they filter content going through them. But I need a mode where the devices have the lowest overhead possible. Just pass the data, don't check it, don't filter it, just be the fastest WiFi routers on the planet. This is why I purchased the Eero V2 with the second 5 GHz channel for the backhaul. 

Now I just need them to be rock solid and super fast with zero extra "touch" on the packets. 

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