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When will the iOS software allow us to use the manual update? The website states the new firmware was released Aug 25 but has yet to be pushed to my device or show on my manual update screen. 

Others have said the website lists firmware versions that are in beta stages, which if true, is a poor practice to show the information to regular consumers and not let us have access when it's not listed as such. 

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  • Hi  CWiley —

    Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the eero community!

    We release updates to networks on a rolling basis. We don't list any firmware that is in beta, but given some networks are on a newer firmware, we make the release notes public.

    As soon as an update is available for your network, you will have the option to manually update it from within the eero app or it will happen automatically overnight.

    We apologize if there was any confusion.

  • What is the point of a manual update option if it's not "available" to me but is to others? Why are others able to benefit from the updates and others have to wait?

  • The reason we do the rolling updates is to ensure there are no potential bugs in the field that could affect networks.

    While we do extensive testing before releasing any update, it is impossible for us to test against all scenarios. By pushing software updates to a smaller set of networks, our team can properly monitor everything to ensure your network and experience goes uninterrupted. 

  • Hey  CWiley —

    Thanks again for reaching out. You may have noticed, but you are now able to download the latest version of the eeroOS (1.1.4 as of this post) manually through the eero application.

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