Offline WLAN access

Is there any update to when offline WLAN access will be supported? It's frustrating to not be able to use my WLAN if my modem is offline (i.e. accessing Plex or other media services)

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  • Hi  dchamorro —

    Thanks for your question and welcome to the eero community.

    Your LAN will continue to run during an outage or if your modem were to go down. However, at this time, it will only continue to work as long as you don't reboot your eeros. As a troubleshooting step, we recommend first rebooting your modem or checking with your ISP if your internet is down.

    I am happy to pass along this feedback to our team and will follow up here if there are any updates.

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    • Jeff C. Great advice, however when you troubleshoot with Cox, they DEMAND that you restart your router. If you don't they tell you to pound sand. 

      I"m considering looking for another solution now. It's been quite a while since I've asked for help and none seems to be forthcoming. It seems reasonable that EERO places little or no priority to this problem. I hate to do it here, but does anyone else have any recommendations? 


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    • Holdcard I've started a tweet to the Eero CEO to see if we can get some traction on it:

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    • dchamorro Much appreciated, thank you. 

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  • This is a significant issue. You shouldn't depend on an Internet connection to function as a local area network. I get that it works if you don't reboot the access points, but that's still not good. Please fix. And can you explain why it doesn't function without an Internet connection (after rebooted)?

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  • I agree, and it is also frustrating that you can't troubleshoot from inside the network.  If I am connected to wifi but can't get to the internet, my app should still be able to talk to eero and diagnose the issue.

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  • It's do or die for me. I'm disabled, EERO had solved a major problem but created another. My ISP is not the greatest. Up and down all the time. Although EERO has solved my WiFi issue when my provider is down EERO refuses to let me turn on the lights, mess with the thermostat, look outside. 

    I there Solution?  Thanks

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  • Bumping this topic because this is critical for me to keep my eero. I need to be able to manage and use my network when my internet is down.

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  • Hi Jeff C.

    Has there been any update on this issue? It's still an issue during a cable outage.



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  • dchamorro  Thanks for checking in! At this time, there are no updates to share regarding this feature request. If you ever experience an ISP outage, we recommend not rebooting your eeros so that you can maintain a connection to your network.

    Thanks again. If there are any updates, I'll be passing them along to you and the rest of the eero community.

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    • Jeff C. This is a critical feature.  I'm currently in the middle of a week long internet outage.  Verizon cannot send a tech until mid-next week.  Eero was rebooted as a part of the troubleshooting (as is to be expected).  This has essentially bricked my devices entire home.  Sonos, Plex, Nest, Smart AC, all devices that would otherwise work fine because they only require WLAN.  I was an early pre-order adopter - but this week has made me strongly consider tossing your devices post-haste.

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    • pfgranger Mine went back upon finding this thread, I didn't even pull them out of the box from Amazon.

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  • Understood, keep in mind that the first thing Cox does is demand that I restart everything. If I don't do that, they stop working on my account because I won't comply. 

    (I have a LONG history of issues with them)

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  • I agree, this is really important to be able to pre configure your WiFi setup prior to the internet being activated. You should be able to see a broadcast WiFi signal, connect to it and configure the network without internet being live or up.

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    • jmueller777 this is a big one for me and a reason that my devices may soo be returned!!!

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  • It I s is really absurd and borderline insulting to someone's intelligence for this serious product issue/flaw to be called a "feature request". This is basic functionality to have local network access without an internet connection.

    We are having an internet outage due to a Hurricane in which our power and internet went out. Now the power is back but no internet yet. Since we have eeros, we cannot control any of our devices inside the house (Nest, Sonos, Philips Hue). To have the workaround be to not restart the router during an internet outage is also absurd. 

    Unfortunately we cannot return this product now as we have had it too long before we found out about this very serious limitation that any basic router does not have. 

    This serious issue (which is not a feature request) needs to be fixed ASAP. I will definitely not recommend this product to anyone and actively steer people away until this is fixed. It is a real shame because I was extremely happy with Eeros until I discovered this very critical flaw. 

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    • kwtemple I agree. I'll be tweeting this thread out to Nick Weaver (@nsweaves) to see if he responds.

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    • kwtemple I'm in the same boat. EERO is a great solution for my situation. However, it's failed to be useful over the long run for me. I thought the way they talked that we'd get a solution. It does not look like that's in the near future. They just keep instructing us not . to restart, but that's an impossibility for me as Cox is very bad in my neighborhood. 

      I do feel like I should have not taken their marketing at face value. What sucks, I have 6 I can't return. 

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  • Same feedback here - I have been an early adopter of this solution and recommended it to many people but this limitation is really making rethink about it! I am in the same situation as previous message and been out of power because of the hurricane - just got power back and found out I can't get wifi in my house because of this limitation. This means no light control for me (and yes also Sonos, but I guess I can live without music for a while).

    It is RIDICULOUS to suggest to the solution is not to restart eero to keep the configuration - as if this was easy to do when power is out for 3-4 days (I have UPS on my main unit and cable modem - but even that does not help in case of long outages) !! 

    The solution needs to be in the software - how can a product so advanced not have such a basic functionality?

    Please solve this issue asap - you have a great product, and I really loved it until I found this out last night!!

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  • Been without internet service for two weeks now due to storms and have been unable to access my network storage. The eero devices are pretty expensive to not be able to even use them during internet outages and this is a frequent thing here where I live. Looking at this forum I can clearly see that eero does not listen to any requests made by its customers. Most topics are around one year old without any updates.

    I'm now forced to go out and purchase some mesh wifi devices from a different company that has an offline mode and I will see how much I can get for my eero's on ebay.

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  • Glad I'm reading about this before investing in Eero. I will not purchase this product knowing this design issue exists. Thanks for sharing everyone. 

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  • I just bought a set of these and found out first hand that you can’t do anything with these offline, and it requires internet and a creating a super creepy IOT account just to set it up as a simple access point. What a joke. eero is basically the Juicero of mesh WiFi.  I can’t take these back fast enough.

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