Offline WLAN access

Is there any update to when offline WLAN access will be supported? It's frustrating to not be able to use my WLAN if my modem is offline (i.e. accessing Plex or other media services)

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  • Hi  dchamorro —

    Thanks for your question and welcome to the eero community.

    Your LAN will continue to run during an outage or if your modem were to go down. However, at this time, it will only continue to work as long as you don't reboot your eeros. As a troubleshooting step, we recommend first rebooting your modem or checking with your ISP if your internet is down.

    I am happy to pass along this feedback to our team and will follow up here if there are any updates.

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  • This is a significant issue. You shouldn't depend on an Internet connection to function as a local area network. I get that it works if you don't reboot the access points, but that's still not good. Please fix. And can you explain why it doesn't function without an Internet connection (after rebooted)?

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  • I agree, and it is also frustrating that you can't troubleshoot from inside the network.  If I am connected to wifi but can't get to the internet, my app should still be able to talk to eero and diagnose the issue.

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  • It's do or die for me. I'm disabled, EERO had solved a major problem but created another. My ISP is not the greatest. Up and down all the time. Although EERO has solved my WiFi issue when my provider is down EERO refuses to let me turn on the lights, mess with the thermostat, look outside. 

    I there Solution?  Thanks

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  • Bumping this topic because this is critical for me to keep my eero. I need to be able to manage and use my network when my internet is down.

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  • Hi Jeff C.

    Has there been any update on this issue? It's still an issue during a cable outage.



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  • dchamorro  Thanks for checking in! At this time, there are no updates to share regarding this feature request. If you ever experience an ISP outage, we recommend not rebooting your eeros so that you can maintain a connection to your network.

    Thanks again. If there are any updates, I'll be passing them along to you and the rest of the eero community.

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  • Understood, keep in mind that the first thing Cox does is demand that I restart everything. If I don't do that, they stop working on my account because I won't comply. 

    (I have a LONG history of issues with them)

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  • I agree, this is really important to be able to pre configure your WiFi setup prior to the internet being activated. You should be able to see a broadcast WiFi signal, connect to it and configure the network without internet being live or up.

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