newbie questions - hide SSD, verify backhaul, monitoring

I just got my 3 eeros set up in bridge mode with ethernet back haul. Setup was very easy - just plugged into open switch ports and ran the app, then moved into position. I have a few questions I cannot find the answers to on here or on the support site:


- how can I hide my SSID?
- how can I tell which eero each endpoint is connected to?
- how can I verify ethernet backhaul versus mesh (I dont want mesh)?
- how can I view stats / traffic (top talkers, etc)?


Thanks in advance.



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  • Welcome @john, 

    How do you like your devices so far? 

    1. You can't hide your SSID

    2. You can check which MAC address you are attached to then cross reference with app

    3. Only support can see this info

    4. This feature isn't present yet. It has been requested already so you can show your support in that thread if you would like to. 

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  • Thanks, FuzzyG 


    So far so good though I was surprised the app didnt have more features. Setup was very fast. Switching between end points seems to work well - i can watch the signal degrade on my iphone and then see it pop back up. All good on that front.

    I guess I will have to change the name of my SSID to something less offensive. :-)


    I am a little confused by your comment regarding MAC addresses:  If I am on the app, I can see the MAC addresses of everything that's connected but if I am on my iphone, how can I see the MAC address of the eero to which I'm connected?


    I'd really like some - any! - visibility...

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  • I will check this on an iDevice and get back to you 

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  • you can check under wifi ip address and criss reference.

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  • I don't understand. I have 3 eeros set up as bridges with wired Ethernet back haul. When I connect with the app, it tells me the devices that are connected but not which device is connected to which eero.

    How do I, "check under wifi IP address and cross reference"?

    I can't see how to match an up address (or MAC address) of a client to that of an individual eero device; certainly I can't see the MAC address of the eero to which I am connected on an iPhone. It should be trivial to show this in the eero app. 

    Can you be more specific?


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  • @john

    I am unpacking today . If I find my iPad I'll respond with directions . 

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  • Good news. It seems that with the most recent update, two of the above concerns have now been addressed. With app version: 1.4.0 (564) I can now:

    - see which eero device a particular end point is connected to

    - see that the eero backhaul connection is wired (versus wireless)


    I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the product and engineering team for their responsiveness. Nice job!




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  • Thanks again for your contributions, John!

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