Feature request: MAC address filtering

Are you planning on implementing MAC address filtering? I love your product and recently started using it (got 2 eeros covering my 2500 sq/ft home). Your security approach is very much appreciated, but I believe having MAC address filtering provides additional level of security, as passwords can be breached. I understand that MAC addresses can also be spoofed, but it is much more difficult. If the password is not designed to be difficult enough to guess, once it is breached, the access to network is wide open, whereas with MAC address filtering, any device without the approved address will not gain access to the network.
On the eero app, (at the point of identification of all devices), it would be helpful to have an option to approve the device's MAC address or reject it if you do not recognize it.

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  • Sill looking for this feature.  Even if you cannot outright block, maybe set it so that any new MAC address only gets a very, very small amount of bandwidth until pulled into a profile so it can be managed.  That would be better than having kids easily circumvent these controls..

  • Any status on this feature request?  Issues installing HP printer and I received this message.

  • The windows 10 feature to "randomize mac address" makes the eero parental controls useless. It also makes device blocking useless, as the pc will simply reconnect with a new mac adress. 

    IOS apparently also now has this feature

    Even some eero secure features become useless. 

    MAC filtering is one way to solve the problem.

  • Yes please add this feature

    Use case:  Child flips mac to avoid profile restrictions.  

    If there is only a mac allow then changing the mac will deny.   look at this feature

    - Once connected you can check allow mac

    - If you have the alert with new device and have an approve feature this can work

    - Have an option to turn on feature for deny unless mac is listed 

    - Should work on Guest or main network

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