TiVo used with eero and can鈥檛 download program data!

This is allegedly a known issue but hasn鈥檛 been fixed for weeks now.  I鈥檓 probably ditching my eero today... 馃槙

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  • I have a TiVo Bolt and two TiVo mini's and I have never seen this issue with my Eero network which consists of three gen 1's, one gen 2, and one eero Beacon.  I do have a private static assigned to the TiVo Bolt with the required ports forwarded.  I would check that and possibly your network cable.

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  • I have a TiVo Roamio (6 tuners) connected to Eero Pro via WiFi with flawless performance. My TiVo Mini is connected via moca and also works well.

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  • TiVo Bolt, happened the past month. Today I had to connect the TiVo directly to the cable modem so that it could update the tv data as I had run out of  guide data.

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  • Does the Tivo require you to open some ports? This is the problem I had with my home automation gateway. It was connected to the internet, but couldn't communicate until I opened two ports.


    Good luck.

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  • I am having the exact same issue with my tivo and gen1 eero.  Had catv tech look at it and isolated it to the eero.  As soon as we hooked up the tivo directly to the cable modem tivo worked, hooked up eero again and nothing.

    Anyone have ideas?

    Does gen2 have same issues.

    My gen1 has worked no issues until the last month maybe an eero update is the issue?

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  • It sounds like you need to ask Tivo or search their support site to find out what ports need to be opened.

    Once you open the right ports, you should be able to put the Tivo behind the Eero.


    Good luck!


    PS. This article looks relevant:


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  • Problem solved, contacted Eero support and it was the latest update causing the issue.  They rolled me back to a previous issue and problem solved.  Great job by Eero team I still recommend eero to my friends!!!

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  • Hi, got the same issue before and ask help with my tech friend he said it was just a bug of the new update. just need to have the previous eero update to make it work. and so i did and now it all works fine. thanks...

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  • I am running into this issue now. Opening the ports required by Tivo did not resolve the issue, the Tivo will pass its port check and DNS check but something around the account status check fails. Question for everyone with the issue: Are you using you ISPs DNS or Eero Plus or some other provider?

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    • Hi, ciscomancer 鈥 thanks for taking the time to reach out, and welcome to the Community. I'm certainly sorry to hear you're having some trouble with TiVo. While we've been investigating this behavior with users that report it, we have no reason to believe it's got anything to do with your DNS settings. I definitely encourage you to give us a call at 877-659-2347 so we can take a look at your network and make any necessary adjustments to get things working!

      Thanks so much for joining us here on the Community, and we look forward to herring form you soon!

      Drew, eero Community Team

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  • Hey Drew,

    Thank you for the reply, i reached out yesterday and your man Jesse is rolling back my firmware today. Thanks to the Eero crew for the prompt attention, I should be using this an an opportunity to finally cut the cord but as it is the holiday season if i disrupt the Hallmark Channel at all my wife is going to go full Grinch on me.

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  • Is there an ETA on when this will be resolved?  I've been using an older version of the firmware for 6 months now and unfortunately that means I can't take advantage of many of the new features that are being released.  

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