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  • Hey, y'all! 

    Happy to confirm that as of eero v3.19.0, WPA3 is fully enabled for all eero users, regardless of hardware or setup. This firmware update is available today in the app, and will be rolling out automatically to all eero users over the coming days.

    Important to note, this feature is not enabled by default – you can find the toggle for WPA3 under the eero Labs section of Advanced Settings in the eero app.

    Thanks so much for your patience as we've worked to bring this feature online, and please continue to let us know any feedback or comments as you begin to use WPA3 on your networks!

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      Drew hi - turning on eero labs' WPA3 feature will make older generations of Apple devices not able to connect.


      We would think that WPA3 should not interfere with established, working WPA2 devices, right?

      thanks for looking into this.

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    • Drew Hi. EERO Pro James Kelly checking in on this. I was popping around in the app a few weeks ago and in the Labs section I saw that I did not have WPA3 enabled. Well, heck, that can't be! I'm a tech, I'm an early adopter, so off I went and enabled it (on my own home system). Before you know it, our older iPads were not able to connect to WiFi anymore.

      I called in to Pro support to let them know that there was a problem and to see if they knew about it. Yep, got to turn off WPA3 if your older devices are to be happy. But now it's a PITA. With WPA3 unselected, and the system rebooted, the iPads now lose WiFi connection upon waking up. Only way to get connection reestablished is to power them off and then back on.

      Searching all over 'net looking for a solution. Hoping EERO tech has an answer of how I can restore system to pre-WPA3 enabled state when the good 'ole iPads were working. Did enabling WPA3 change some settings which have not returned upon disabling it? Help!

  • Another article.  Jump on this eero so I can help you kill off aging, unsupported Apple networking devices.  https://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/18/06/26/wpa3-will-improve-your-wi-fi-security-if-your-router-supports-it

  • Hey everyone —

    Thanks for sharing your interest in WPA3.

    We built eero hardware and software together to ensure that we can control and improve digital security. We’re excited about the security benefits WPA3 provides and will implement these new features to all eero networks through an eventual over-the-air software update.

    Stay tuned.

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  • Golf clap (proper)

  • Looks like iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 include support for WPA3.

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  • Planned over a year ago - can we get a timeline? I invested in eero with this on the table, now I am starting to wonder about my decision and the ability for eero to deliver.

  • @tony

    good to ask but take a look at google news on this: critical exploits have been found to break  WPA3 in the last few weeks.  I don’t know that any network device maker has shipped WPA3 yet — I know Ubiquiti hasn’t.  Have you seen it ship from anyone else?

  • I notice iPad 2 isn't able to connect when WPA3 option is enabled.

    Anyone have experience to connect ESP01 to EERO AP WIFI with WPA3 enabled?

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