Beacon plug prongs should rotate

Inexpensive plug-in room air fresheners have plug prongs that can be rotated to fit vertical and horizontal electrical outlets.  It's important for them, because the little bottles contain liquid, and they mustn't be oriented horizontally else the liquid leaks out.

Similarly, the eero Beacons perform best when they're in the vertical/upright position.  However, not every electrical outlet has been installed in the vertical position.  My home, for example.  Virtually every outlet is horizontal.  As a result, my Beacons are oriented less-than-ideally horizontally.

Yes, I can go out and buy some adapters...and ugly up my outlets so my Beacons stand upright.  But I think it would behoove eero to develop future Beacons with plugs that can be rotated so that they'll fit ideally and perfectly in every electrical outlet.


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