Disable 5Ghz and only allow 2.4Ghz

There is certain smart home devices that only run on 2.4Ghz and can only be added to your network through your cell phone. The problem is if your phone is connected to 5Ghz then it is impossible to add devices. The only solution is you have to contact eero support during there hours to disable 5Ghz. So anything after there support hours your SOL...

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  • You can also use an old device that only supports 2.4ghz to add the device, or move it far away from only one eero and add it.

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      txgunlover  This would be a partial solution but some of the new apps won't run on the old devices. Example. I did exactly this to connect som smart plugs with Smart Life and an old IPhone 4s and that worked but the Whirlpool Connected app will not install on that old of a phone so I am stuck. The only next thing to try is to unplug the beacons and see when the iphone 8 only is able to grab the 2.4 but is still close enough to interact with the household appliances.    

  • I had to barrow a old tablet to add my devices. It's a learning curve I guess

  • This seems like such a simple feature that is missing from the Eero software!! I can within 5-6 clicks disable 5Ghz on my parent's crap Fios router... yet my Eero system.... 

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  • This really is disappointing, so many devices only work on 2.4.  Sonos and Sky Q both keep dropping (even if I connect them with only 2.4 active) when 5 kicks back in.  Can we not have a feature to disable 5 perm?????

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  • You can temporarily disable 5 ghz network now via the app.  Go to Troubleshooting > My Device Won't Connect

  • The ugly truth is that Eero, when they updated their firmware to support wifi 6 screwed up all 2.4ghz connectivity.  I've been working with them for about 3 months to get my 2.4ghz items online to no avail.  Believe me, I've tried EVERYTHING.  I can't even get my iPhone to connect to the network when I disable 5ghz!  I love Eeros, but I'm seriously considering moving to another platform.  Right now, in order to connect my Nest thermostat and Cannon printer, I've purchased an old Apple airport extreme just so I can get these items online.  I believe Eero is aware of the issue, but they can't address it without screwing up their "one OS to rule them all.."  Anyone else having these issues?

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