Allow eero to startup using local config during ISP WAN outage

I have run into issues where power outages take out our Verizon FiOS.  Power outage taking out the ONT power supply.  Dreading the day that were to happen with my new eero setup, as it usually takes a week minimum for a technician to roll out.


The easiest solution would be for the eero to store the current configuration locally.  Then at startup, if it can't connect to the cloud, use the local config.  Otherwise, update the local config with what is in the cloud.  Obviously there would be no eero management during the ISP outage, but at least the LAN can come backup.  This would allow my devices access to our NAS for streaming content from it, as well as access to our wi-fi printer and such.

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  • This should be as a firmware update for current eeros

  • I just bought an eero pro pack yesterday and it froze during the update. I call support and they helped. Before I hung up I asked a few question since I was replacing my AirPort Extreme network. The tech stated the local network is unavailable due to it being a “cloud” product.  

    How can a local Lan get disabled if the WAN is offline. This means no one can get printing or local streaming from a nas working...and if eeros servers go down you are dead in the water.

    i think I’m going to return this and either stick with Apple or get an orbi or ubiquity

    This is basic networking that should be part of the product 

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    • Pete agree this is a serious design flaw

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      • Pete
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      forgot to mention this is the Gen 2 eero

      also my Cox modem went out a few times and I called them as I’m on a business link. 

      The modem checked out fine and the tech said bad frames/packets could cause that.  Power cycled the eeros and that stopped the modem going crazy 

      the units are nicely designed and do run a little warm. I’m more surprised at basic stuff missing, given that the bsd protocol stack is open source and widely used in these kinds of products and been around since the 1970’s

  • I replied in depth to the same issue in a different thread, after running 2 tests.

    The local config will stay active if the WAN link goes down.  However booting up without a WAN link does not bring up the local network. I suspect this device is heavily dependent on Eero servers for any configuration which would leave users with an expensive paperweight if the servers go down.

    I'll wait for a few days & see if theres a workaround, otherwise I'll return this product & go with Orbi or ubnt. I absolutely need to be able to keep on working & printing even if the external network is down.

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