Indicate if clients are connected to primary or guest network

Please display if a client is connected to the primary network, or the guest (isolated) network.  Currently if you look at connection details for a given client, and look a the "Connected to" field, it shows either "Wired" or "Wireless", along with which wifi band they are using (2.4 or 5).  It however does NOT indicate if that client is on the primary network, or the isolated guest network.  It would be great if this information could be displayed there, as well as on the "new device has joined the network" notifications.  

I am aware that you can look at the third segment of the guest IP address to determine this (a .10, .11 or .12 is guest network), however this information is not displayed on the "new device has joined the network" notifications.

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    I'm surprised this isn't a thing, it would make profile management much more intuitive. Even having a separate list of all devices (one main and one guest) under each EERO would be great.

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