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I have some older Wemo mini plugs that are pre-homekit.  I went to check them the other night and realized that I'd not user them since I went with the eero router (pro 6) from my ISP. And in that process of moving to the new router, I'd changed the SSID of the WiFi network. I didn't see a way thru the Wemo app to just change the name of the network they connect to, so after much searching, I reset the devices. I had trouble connecting to their WiFi network so that I could set them up again using my iPhone. So I installed the Wemo app on my iPad and I was able to connect to the Wemo Device's network and then I was able to tell it to connect to my eero-based house wifi. Everything went well until I had to put in the password for the WiFi.  I could see the password so I know that I'm not fat-fingering it and I know that it's correct, but the Wemo device says that it can't connect and prompts me to re-input the password.

Is there something about the Pro 6 that would not allow these older devices to connect?  I've tried to talk to Wemo support, but their chat person finally wanted me to get someone on the phone and that's been almost impossible.


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  • I would like to start off by saying I like my wemo devices and my eero devices. That being said I have proven the issues is with the eero device. It will not allowi the wemo devices to connect to the wemo app. My eero is connected to bell fibe 3000 ( which my wemo devices were connected to with NO issues.) When I relocated my wemo switches, further away from the bell router, and  connect to eero there was no issues connecting. However the wemo App could not see the switches. So I re-connected the wemo devices to bell fibe 3000 again. They are running smoothly with no issues for a week now.( I want to use the eero because of the distance of the wemo switches' from the Bell 3000) 

    • Alieboy Thanks for posting! One thing to test is placing the eeros in Bridge mode. Based on your description, it would seem the eero is in a Double NAT configuration, so this will help test if an eero setting is causing this behavior or not.

  • Thank you for your quick response. This was a quick, easy and seamless connection. All my WEMO devices are operating smoothly. Thank you for your help Evan.🖖🏻🙂👍🏻

  • so, everything WAS working smoothly until, I believe, after update v6.13.4-21.

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