Allow users to specify a future time to complete software updates

When a software update is released, allow the user to set a future time when they won’t be home or won’t need internet access, to complete the update. This will help prevent downtime and allow the user to have the update completed without disruption. 


Thank you.

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    • fluffywings
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Agreed. I have been kicked off of my own network while working at least 7 times in 5 months as the gateway node decided to update without warning.  The first few times I would check everything to figure out why I lost internet. Now I just assume the eero is updating my network goes down. If only there was an app that can give notifications.

    • sekmet
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Fully support this. Apart from a good portion of people working from home, each of us have different schedules and work different shifts. Allowing us to set a window to perform the updates would be great. Thank you for the notifications that there is an update. I tend to be proactive and update or find a way to update before it performs it automatically but allowing us to set our own time provides much greater flexibility. 

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