Slow speed with gigabit and eero 6 pros

Current set up is gigabit modem/router combo in bridge mode connected to eero 6 pro gateway, also have 3 other eero 6 pros in house connected wirelessly on different floors and 2 eero pros, one in garage and one on back porch.  Cannot get anywhere near the gigabit speed that the app shows from the modem (940 down, 400 up).  The max I can get on wifi is usually 50-100 on any number of devices including iPhone 12 pro.  Wired connections to Apple TV or computers connected to peripheral 6 pros ranges from 25-100 down, if lucky.  I have restarted and reset everything multiple times including rebuilding the network, always ends about the same.  This is similar if not slower than I was getting on just eero pros alone previously.  Suggestions?

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  • I feel like getting eero was a huge mistake. I am getting 1 -8 down and 17 up. The Internet from the modem directly into a device is 100 - it has just gotten worse over the 6 months that I have had the system. There are times when the internet is fast, and other when it is literally 1mg down. I have called eero, and they couldn't figure it out either. The house does have cement floors and I am wondering if that is blocking the signals. 

    • autumnmoonstone I agree. $700 down the drain. I am going back to Ubiquiti.

  • Figured I'd keep this going as I have the same issue and am also near to returning my system (2x eero 6 Pro)

    Gigabit coming into house.  Eero wired to modem shows ~950Mbit down consistently in the eero app.  Any devices that connect to that eero get 300-600Mbit (using speedtest) depending on connection quality.  If I connect, however, to any of the meshed units (I have 2 of them), the best I can get is 150MBit and it frequently dips below 100Mbit.  This results in terrible video calls.

    I've tried relocating the 2 meshed units to different locations (some close, some far), using them only one at a time, etc....but consistently all I can get is <150Mbit on those satellites.  House is about 3k square feet but also need access in detached garage.  If I only have the main eero 6 Pro connected with none of the satellites, I don't get enough coverage.  I need the mesh to work.

    Steering is enabled (by default, now, in the app).  I've tried other things in this thread.  I'm convinced that there's something poor with the way that the eero 6 Pro implemented the fronthaul radios when in mesh mode.  

    I bought these because I was previously using a Google Home mesh but also dropping calls sometimes.  We upgraded both the internet (from 300M -> 1G) and the eeros.  Not simultaneously....eero's first and when that didn't fix the problem we upgraded the internet and replaced the modem.  As long as I don't use eero as mesh, it works great.  But unfortunately, mesh has to work.  Back to Google Home?

  • I have 6 eero pros on a network. The app reports 900+ speeds reliably and my son cannot raise more than 12 on his ps5 connectivity test. (About 9m from the eero through a single wooden stud wall. Each of the eros report full signal strength on the app, except one at the end of the garden which is the end of the chain running at about 60% still able to stream high def through it. WiFi round the house is routinely only about 150 to 200 although I can get up to 400 or 450 (about half our provided service) if I stand near the gateway device. Still only about 60 of Ethernet measured service at gateway. I have tried the device reboot several times, turning on one at a time from the gateway. No impact. I also note the ip addresses seem to retain different subnets .4.x and .7.x which might be part of the issue. Also trouble finding devices, Nas and network printer through the network. Advice please?

      • agjason
      • agjason
      • 2 mths ago
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      Mick Hawkins No advice, unfortunately. Just writing to say that this is exactly the same behavior that I have. Gateway eero shows ~950Mbps from within the eero app. Devices connected to gateway eero show up to 600Mbps on the speedtest.att.com. I've tried many combinations of satelliite Eero 6 Pro and all of them max out at 100-150Mbps on connected devices.

  • Has anyone had success resolving this issue?  I just purchased several Eero Pro 6 and am having the exact same issues. 

      • agjason
      • agjason
      • 5 days ago
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      phi1514 If you are still in the return window, I'd recommend swapping them out for a different version or brand. In my experience, the wireless mesh link on the Pro 6 is inexplicably slow.  If you have a fast connection to your ISP, you're only going to see high speed on devices connecting to the Eero attached to the modem.   My mesh link caps out at 100-150Mbps.  I keep hoping for a software update to fix it but alas, nothing yet.

  • I also have 6 devices on a large footprint property. I've separated 4 as far as I could and moved two to the far corners of outbuildings and the performance has shot up. Too many device tread on each other  it seems.

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