Slow internet speed. Could it be eero?

Hi. I have a single eero pro which I have used for a couple years on spectrum 100x5 internet without issue. 

recently I upgraded my spectrum to their ultra tier (400 down by 20 up) and I have been struggling to get the full 400 down. 

when I run a speed test through the eero app it reports that I am getting 480 down. But if I do a speed test from my phone or WiFi connected laptop it varies between 130 and 250.  It rarely gets over that.  

Since the speed test in the eero app reports much higher speeds it seems that issue would not be my spectrum internet but the router, right?


the eero pro should be able to handle 400mb download speeds right?

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  • The eero is handling the speeds just fine, as evidenced by the results of the speed test. Likely the reason you’re seeing slower speeds on your devices is simply because of the limitations of the devices themselves and how they are choosing to connect to the eero.

    • cMoo92 thanks for the reply.  So one of the primary devices I am running speed tests from

      is an iPhone 12 Pro.  I would be surprised if that had any limitations preventing it from getting full download speeds over WiFi. 

      also I have found that the ONLY device able to report the higher download speeds in the eero itself.  And I have tried at least 8 different devices.  Laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple TV’s etc.  


      any idea how to troubleshoot why the devices would not be getting full download speeds?


      thanks for any further info or advice you could provide. 

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