Eero Dropping out of Network

After the upgrade to v6.12.2-68, I consistently have a wired-backhaul eero pro dropping out of my network.  I power cycle it and it seems to work for a while.

Additionally, many devices, Alexas and some gaming systems are not picking wifi back up.

My network is very unstable and I work from home.  Is there a patch coming today, should I be rolling back?  Please advise.,

For some context,  I run 3 eero pro 5s.  Gateway, 1 wired backhaul and 1 wireless.



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    • Evan_eero_support
    • 1 yr ago
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    RBales Thanks for posting! I would like to get this looked at further. I am sending you a DM. Respond to me there and we can move forward.

    • rbales14
    • 1 yr ago
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    Thanks Jesusvance   I meant to mark this as answered.  It ended up being related a bad network switch in my network.  Thanks to the help of Evan (eero support) for his help in getting this sorted out.

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