Eero keeps disconnecting dozens of times a day

I've had 3 Eero units for more than 2 years, and up until a month or so ago, had little problem with them. Nothing has changed. My ISP is the same. My modem is the same. All units are in their same places. One day, we started losing our internet from anywhere between 10 seconds and 2 minutes. Whenever it happened, I would unplug and plug in the Eeros, let it reconnect, then we'd be back in business. It started happening more frequently. I ran tests and made sure it wasn't our ISP. They reported no downtime. My ISP modem didn't show any disconnects in their log. When our internet did go down, our base Eero would sometimes (but not always) turn red, yet my modem was still connected. I hardwired a computer just to the modem, and it indeed stayed connected to the internet...I've also kept logs for said computer for more than a day, and zero disconnects. It's been isolated to the Eero(s). The base is what loses the connection. Thus, the internet for the entire house also goes down. It has become so bad lately, kicking us off of our video calls for work, knocking out our logins for gaming, video streaming just stops. So, after much research over the past month, I upgraded my base Eero to the 6. Everything reconnected flawlessly....and then the intermittent drops kept happening. No matter how many times I reboot, re-add, replace, it just won't stop dropping. Here is this morning's connection log. We just can't operate with our connection dropping multiple times per hour. I haven't performed a hard reset to start from scratch, nor have I put my modem in bridge mode, but aside from that, does anyone have any ideas on what to do? 


Date and timeStatus

02/26/2022 11:25:49 AM Online
02/26/2022 11:25:21 AM No internet connection. Wi-Fi/Ethernet OK
02/26/2022 11:23:52 AM Online
02/26/2022 11:23:48 AM No internet connection. Wi-Fi/Ethernet OK
02/26/2022 11:23:26 AM Online
02/26/2022 11:23:18 AM No internet connection. Wi-Fi/Ethernet OK
02/26/2022 11:22:56 AM Online
02/26/2022 11:22:37 AM No internet connection
02/26/2022 11:22:03 AM No internet connection. Wi-Fi/Ethernet OK
02/26/2022 11:21:51 AM Online
02/26/2022 11:21:48 AM No internet connection. Wi-Fi/Ethernet OK
02/26/2022 11:19:38 AM Online
02/26/2022 11:19:24 AM No internet connection. Wi-Fi/Ethernet OK
02/26/2022 11:04:39 AM Online
02/26/2022 11:04:39 AM No internet connection. Wi-Fi/Ethernet OK
02/26/2022 11:04:32 AM Online
02/26/2022 11:04:16 AM No internet connection
02/26/2022 11:03:54 AM No internet connection. Wi-Fi/Ethernet OK
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  • You’ve certainly done a lot of troubleshooting, which is great, but you didn’t mention if you’ve contacted eero support yet. If not, get a support request opened up with them. They can see the logs on your eero and whatnot and do a lot more diagnosing of the eero itself (which does sound like it’s the culprit).

  • I have same issues.....Called Eero many times. Did corrective item they wanted.

    soft reset,changed ip numbers, changed gateway, Did everything Eero tech and their supposed upper tech staff said.

    Nothing worked... Spent over 8 HOURS on the phone with their so called support.....I want them to send me a new system so I can have the chance of wifi in my home.

    But Eero doesn't care....They say we will send an email to set up an appointment...NEVER call back....The last Tech person I had worked with said "I WILL call back at 8:00 the next day and see how things are are !!


    Eero is NOT a Reputable Company....They Lie and Lie over and over again....I've been out of wifi service for over a month and they don't care or have enough respect to take care of their problems

    B. Tolbert


    253 588-6464 

  • If your eero is disconnecting randomly, you can first try turning the Eero off and turning it back on again. This could fix issues with the router if it were caused by a setting change since a soft reset or a reboot like this can reset those settings back to normal.


    MyKohlscharge Account

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