Able to Add Multiple Wi-Fi Networks other than Main and Guest

With the pandemic causing us to WFH and BYOD the “home” computer and network has become the “home and work” computer and network yet we only get two Wi-Fi networks - Main and Guest.  This is not enough to keep our iOT devices, guests, personal use and work use separate and secure.  A temporary work around is to put all your iOT devices on the guest network but some devices such as Phillips Hue requires access to the main network via Ethernet cable.  Short term solution would be to be able to configure a specific Ethernet port on a specific eero to use the Guest network.  Long term solution is to allow us to set up at least 4 separate and secure Wi-Fi networks:  Guest, iOT, Home, Business.  I am not comfortable with connecting various iOT devices made in China on the same networks I do work or personal business on… I mean “What could possibly go wrong?”  I mean how well if at all is Amazon vetting these products?   And I like the other person’s idea of being able to hide the SSID for the iOT network. If iOT devices can’t be manually added to the network them that’s their problem.  

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