Help with setting up second home office

My wife currently works from home, and we use a whole home wifi system from our broadband provider. The modem and eero "hub" is in our actual home office.

My son now has the opportunity to work from home and would prefer to set his desk up in his bedroom...on the completely opposite side of the house from the cable modem/eero hub. His employer requires that he be "hard-wired" into the modem. I have no idea how that would work, as we do not have ethernet jacks in the walls of our home. Is there a product from eero that will help us achieve this? 

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  • Hello rlr324 ,

    In order to have your son's computer be hardwired you would need to run an ethernet cable to the room. You should have an extra ethernet port on the back of the eero that you can plug one end into and then you'll need to plug the ethernet in on the other end in his room. Sadly, short of moving the modem and eero into his room there really isn't an easy way to do this. You may want to consider hiring a installer for this. We do have Pro installers that work with eero as well if you were interested in getting this work done by someone that has been approved to setup eero networks. If you were interested in checking your area for one of the pro installers, you can give us a call and we'll get some information from you and pull a list of the closest Pro installers to you.

    If you need more than one computer hard wired into the internet, you'll also need to get an unmanaged switch. The network topology would end up being something like this, Modem -> eero Gateway -> Unmanaged Switch -> wired home. 

    MOCA is another option. This converts the internet connection and allows you to use standard cable ports instead of running ethernet. But I would check with your son's employer and contact a installer for this to make sure it is setup correctly. If you are comfortable with setting up tech stuff, their are most likely videos on YouTube that you can look up that will walk you through this setup as well.

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