Master list of missing device icons

I went through my network and identified every device on it that could benefit from a custom icon that doesn't already exist within the Eero app.

If there are other devices that need icons, maybe people could post theirs as replies to this thread.

Kindle, Nook, etc.  According to the iOS changelog, this was added to the iOS app on April 24th, 2020.  It's now six months later as I'm posting this and the Android app still doesn't have an e-reader icon.

Smart TVs
I've been using "Media Streamer" but that's not quite the same.  TVs and streaming boxes shouldn't have the same icon - it makes it hard to quickly identify them when scrolling through the list.

Smart Home Hubs
I've been using "Light" to represent my Lutron Caseta Hub.  However people with SmartThings hubs can do a lot more than just control lights.

Network Switch
I've been using the "network equipment" icon, but the icon implies it's wireless.

Mini Computer
Something generic for small, single-board computers like Raspberry Pi, ODroid, etc. 

I've been using "hard drive" - that might be enough.

Pool Controller
My Pentair ScreenLogic controller lets me control my pool filter, heater, etc.

Barbecue Grill
My outdoor backyard grill is a smart grill with wifi.  I've had to settle for the "oven" icon.

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  • It looks like the Android app just received an eReader icon.  Yay!

    Unfortunately it's the wrong icon.  It's the same one used for "Door Lock".  Whoops!

  • Missing Picture Frame too

  • I miss the following device icons:

    Bicycle speedometer
    Smart Cleaner
    Healt Monitor
    Photo Camera
    Smart Lock
    robotic Lawn mover

  • I would add like a “Heeater” or Space Heater”

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