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I am new to eero and just set up restrictions via eero secure on my phone to test it out. (Before I set on my kids’ devices). I switched on all the toggles to block adult sites, for example, but when I try to test it in various search engines, nothing is getting blocked. What am I doing wrong?? 

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    • urbaneric
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    I just upgraded to eero plus today to block youtube specifically on my kids chromebook and iphone. At first I thought, maybe it takes a minute for eero to update and know what sites to block. However, after an hour, youtube is blocked on chromebook but not on phone (I even added m.youtube.com, youtu.be, etc.). Maybe this feature just doesn't work? If I can't get it to work, I'll be cancelling the "plus" service.

    • Sieglock
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    Rosie Ford -- the adult content blocks should work really well. Definitely update the firmware version if you haven't already. And clear your browser cache. The feature works really well (I have kids and they get frustrated with me). If that doesn't work, please contact our support.


    urbaneric - I replied on the other thread, but to make sure I close it out here to, here's a copy of that reply:

    We recommend blocking using the Streaming category as it includes YouTube and other streaming sites. This will ensure that more than just YouTube is blocked.

    If you want to block only YouTube using the block list, you can enter youtube.dnsblock.me in the block list.

    Here's a list of the domains that we'll block when you add youtube.dnsblock.me:

    youtube-ui.l.google.com (that's a lower case "L")
    youtube.l.google.com (that's a lower case "L")
    ytimg.l.google.com (that's a lower case "L")
    ytstatic.l.google.com (that's a lower case "L")

    These sites block both the website and the app.

    We are working on creating easy toggles for the top services like YouTube, but until that's ready, this will work. Hope this helps.


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