Slowing after Eero


I have 3 Eero's setup two are wired and one wireless.

I Have 600mbps Virgin internet and the Eero speed check says and i'm getting around that speed.

My problem is no device wired or wireless will download faster that 330Mbps.

All the cables are good and all devices are running Gigabit cards.

Any idea why my speeds have halved?


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  • Hello Scribble ,

    There could be a lot of causes to this. Can you answer some questions for me so I can start to narrow this down a little?

    Which eeros do you have on your network?

    What is your network topology?

    (Ex. Modem <-> Gateway eero -> WiFi -> eero <-> computer)

    <-> = wired connection

    Do you know if your eero network is in a double NAT? (Is there a router upstream of the Gateway eero?)

    Do you have Optimize for Conferencing and Gaming enabled?

  • Hello and thanks for the reply.

    I have the standard Eero's, Model J010011

    Modem <-> Eero <-> Switch <-> Computer

    No double NAT and optimize for Conferencing and Gaming is turned off.

    • Hello Scribble ,

      Alright. So that is a second generation eero. The WiFi speeds you're getting are just about it's maximum. However, the wired computer should be getting faster speeds.

      Do you have the ability to connect the computer directly to the Gateway eero for testing? We need to make sure that the switch or ethernet cords in between the computer and the eero are not slowing down the speed.

      Also, what is the speed test in the eero app?

  • I tried taking the switch out, 

    Modem <-> Eero <-> Computer

    The Eero speed test was 630mbps and the PC was 320mbps

    I have swapped all the cables, they are all cat 6 cables.

  • Hello Scribble ,

    Go ahead and call our phone support at this time so we can take a closer look at the network. There might be something going on in the back end. I have shared an article below that will help you find the best number to call. 


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      James Hello,

      I did some testing and I removed one of the secondry Eero's from my network and replaced the Gateway with this one.

      The network is now running at full speed so it looks as if the original gateway is faulty, 

      It's a bit of a pain as im a eero short now, so it looks like its time to upgrade to something a bit more powerful.

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