EERO 5Plus connection issue with Lorex 2k Doorbell

Hello, I have spent hours on the phone with both Lorex and Eero regarding this issue with no solution to the problem and was wondering if anyone else is having similar problems. We recently just purchased the new Lorex 2k doorbell, it states it will only run on a 2.4ghz system. The doorbell constantly looses connection or states that a error occurs. I really like my mesh system through Eero but if we can't run 2.4ghz stuff I might have to move to a different system. I am also looking at adding some smart light switches made by KASA (TP-Link) but these too state 2.4ghz so I am extremely neverous about purchasing more stuff that probably won't work with this system. Any help or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Eero has been fantastic with customer service but we have yet to come up with a solution to the problem. Who knows it may very well be a issue on Lorex side, and as far as their customer service, let's just say there mine as well be none! Horrible customer service and don't stand behind their product, customer service rep had my Wife in tears! Would not recommend any Lorex product for anyone looking for stuff in the future. Check out the BBB on them (Buyer Beware)

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  • Hello Tyler ,

    In my experience 2.4GHz only devices work just fine on eero networks. If you had talked with eero Support already then you must have done the following correct? Disabled 5GHz to connect the device up to eero and disabled WPA 3. Do you have eero 6 eeros? If so, you might need to turn on Legacy Mode. Legacy Mode changes th 2.4GHz bandwidth so that it only broadcasts in WiFi 5 instead of WiFi 6.

    Let me know what you have done. If none of the above worked, and you're willing to let me take a look, let me know as well. I'll send you a direct message so we can get some information and locate the troubleshooting ticket and take another look.

  • Hello James, I have to say that your guys customer service is AMAZING! It hasn't even been 24hrs on a Holiday weekend and you have already reached out and responded to your customer. I wish that more companies would take lessons from your Business and treat their customers half as good as you guys have with me.  Anyways, I am more than willing to let you take a peak and dig into this issue. You are correct with me already trying to disable the 5ghz and connect the doorbell under the 2.4ghz and we even created a guest login and tried connecting and running this item off of that. I have the Eero 5+ system with 1 extender becaon connected. If you could message me and try and set up a time that will work best for both of us to do some more trouble shooting that would be great. I wanted to try every possible option before switching systems. Thank you again for the AMAZING Customer Service!! 

  • Hello James. So its been a few days and I have not had any contact with anyone on this issue. Do you think somebody could help me try and resolve this? I have the next couple days off starting tmrw and would really like to figure out what to do on my networking system. Thanks. 

    • Tyler We apologize for the delay, Tyler - James has been out the last couple of days. No worries though, I'd like to get some eyes on your Lorex issues asap! Can you send another email over to support@eero.com with the subject "Community Followup" please? I'll look into getting a senior specialist to review your case. (=

  • I sent over the email right away after the response. Sure hoping I hear something soon and can come up with some resolution. 

    • Thanks for the update, Tyler ! It looks like Neeko was able to reach out to you and have a chat with you over the phone. We'll continue to follow up with you on your support ticket through email. Thanks again for all of your patience. (=

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