Two eero 6 routers and wired network.

I have two eero 6 routers (each one has 2 GbE ports on the back.


This is what I want to do:

Modem <-> eero6-A <-> unmanaged gigabit switch <-> eero6-B <-> client (PC, or possibly another unmanaged switch)


Eero6-A is the gateway and the local LAN router, DHCP, DNS, firewall, etc.


I'd like to make sure that:

1) the eeros will work as a mesh when connected via the switch, and that eero6-B will use wired backhaul.

2) wired clients connected to the unmanaged switch or the second port on eero6-B will be seeing the entire local LAN.


I'd normally expect no issues with this setup, but want to make sure. Thanks for any insight.

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  • Hello Oceanbreeze ,

    Yes the topology that you laid out above is correct. I will paste it down below as well. The eero mesh will work correctly as long as the switches are unmanaged. Also, any devices connected to the switches will also be on the eero LAN.

    Modem <-> eero6-A <-> unmanaged gigabit switch <-> eero6-B <-> client (PC, or possibly another unmanaged switch)

  • Thank you, James , I appreciate the speedy reply.


    Since you hinted at it, any issues I should know about if the switch of the gateway eero is managed? Is there a particular configuration in the eeros that needs to be made to make them work with a managed switch between them?

    • Hello Oceanbreeze ,

      If the switch is managed it will cause the network to sometimes have some pretty bad issues. Looping and all sorts of other stuff that can make the network not appear stable. It can cause symptoms like reduced speeds and devices showing as connected but are unable to access the  internet.

    • James 


      Can the two eero 6 routers maintain a mesh with a managed switch between them if they are in bridge mode? (Obviously that implies that another gateway/router is between the modem and the local LAN, and that the eeros will have some of their features deactivated.)


      Thank you again.

    • Hello Oceanbreeze ,

      I have never tried that. I think it would still cause a problem though because a managed switch will manage the connections and it can cause that loop just like when the eero is in bridge. When you bridge an eero network it turns off DHCP and a ton of other features but the eero network still requires a clear signal to the Gateway eero. Putting a managed switch between the Gateway eero and any other eero on the network can cause problems and is best avoided.

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